Muslim groups to boycott Cadbury

MUSLIM retail and consumer groups in Malaysia have called for a boycott of products made by Britain-based confectioner Cadbury and its parent Mondelez International Inc, after two chocolate varieties were found to contain pork DNA.

Cadbury Malaysia recalled the Dairy Milk chocolates after the finding by Malaysian authorities in a random test.

Cadbury Malaysia only sells to the local market. Mondelez’s Malaysia sales are a small fraction of the around 15 percent of its revenues that come from the Asia-Pacific region, but concerns over halal standards could jeopardize sales in bigger Muslim markets, such as Indonesia and the Middle East.

A Muslim retail group said the 800 stores it represents would be asked to stop selling all products made by Cadbury, Mondelez and U.S. food giant Kraft, which acquired Cadbury in 2010 in a $19-billion deal.

Cadbury Malaysia said in a statement this week that it was working closely with the Islamic Affairs Department to ensure its products meet halal guidelines. It said the authorities were running more tests and would announce the results within a week.


9 thoughts on “Muslim groups to boycott Cadbury

    • That is what I thought.

      I remember we had a camp and we got a salad made up form a catering group. We told them our needs. They cut up bacon to look like carrots. Some people think if we eat pork suddenly a bright light comes from the heavens are we become instant Christians..


      • Lol! I’m not laughing at their pathetic display but at your dry humour Dom.


    • It could happen, as fat, amongst other things such as sugar, is regularly added to the cacao mixture to make chocolate.


    • I think you are speaking about Emulsifier 471 Strewth. You can be derived from animal fat or soy. Soy is much more healthy. Who wants pig fat in their chocolate ? Cadbury states their emulsifier is from soy so it would seem they have been found out to be lying. This affects the vegetarians as well who stay away from animal products.


  1. Actually I just came from reading yet another joke at the expense of Christians on Facebook by none other than a beloved family member. Her partner is an avowed atheist and somehow I think she puts them up to keep him happy. Most of the time I ignore these posts, I think, I won’t be able to change their minds and people need to be free to voice their own opinions, whether it’s disrespectful to my faith or not – but I did have a hard time containing the expletives and turning the other cheek this time. The best I could come up with without getting heated was stating that Christians have to have a lot of patience.


    • Yeah I just finished reading a comment on facebook by the editor of an independant newspaper at the expense of Christians. It was your typical condescending talking down bit of humour. I let him know what I thought.


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