Ten Things I’ve Learned About Gay People in Ten Years: A Christian Perspective

THE loudest message the gay community hears from Christians is one of intolerance and hatred. Is this the message in you?
Kathy, a heterosexual Christian woman, thoughtfully enters a conversation that often brings out the worst in people.

She writes: “In 2001, if you had asked me, “Kathy, can you be gay and Christian?” I would have hedged a bit and fallen on the side of “No”. I did not have any close relationships with gay people nor had I ever studied the issue in the Bible. I did not even know one gay Christian, that I knew of. It was from this paradigm that I formulated my opinions about the lives of gay people and made assumptions about their status with God. All that changed when I met Netto on a hiking trail. It is now ten years later and I offer ten things that I wish straight people, especially Christians, knew about gay people.”

I urge you to read the rest of what Kathy has to say at http://canyonwalkerconnections.com/ten-things-i-wish-i-knew-ten-years-ago-about-gay-people/

And here is a video sample


10 thoughts on “Ten Things I’ve Learned About Gay People in Ten Years: A Christian Perspective

  1. I am not convinced that people are born LGBT. The growth rate in the US for LGBT is 8.76%. So LGBT numbers are doubling every 8 years. If people were born that way then the rate would be constant. Are more people coming out ? Well for about a decade, it has nearly become the new fad to be gay. I don’t see a lot stopping people from coming out in the last ten years.


    • Dom, sometimes sexuality isn’t as straight forward as gay/ straight (no pun intended). I believe that some people experience fluidity in their sexuality. I do think more people are openly admitting that they experience SSA than in the past.

      Btw, I don’t know what to say about the 8.76% stat. I’ve read it’s more about 2. Then again, exactly pinpointing percentages of people who identify as gay or even bi can be tricky because, what makes a person gay? Is it when they have a same – sex crush at 15? What if it changes? Does having a same -sex relationship, after dating the opposite sex in the past make you bi? It’d be interestingness to know how the question was worded to get such a high percentage. Exact percentages are hard for researchers to get.


      • A quick look at Wikipedia describes some of the difficulties in deriving an actual true number for the Gay population e.g. “The demographics of sexual orientation are difficult to establish for a variety of reasons……….Most of the studies listed below rely on self-report data, which poses challenges to researchers inquiring into sensitive subject matter.” Remember a lot of Homosexuals have suffered personal rejection and some forms of oppression for so long it would be difficult to be open about it.
        Regardless of any of this the interest in this post, as with the Eurovision post, is the Christian view and their acceptance(or lack thereof) of Homosexuality.


      • Dom, I agree that not all people turning to same sex relationships were born gay. Some, and I particularly know of women, have been abused by their former heterosexual partners and can only feel comfortable now in a same sex relationship. I wonder if this applies equally to men, as abuse is someimes other than physical and women can be peirpetrators too.
        In any case, I do allow that it may be according to God’s will for this age. Not for all, but as a means of supplying caring and commitment along with some birth control.


  2. Fantastic post and link. I’ve only recently come to this understanding myself, after deeply searching the heart of God. Sadly, not many Christians I know will listen to me. My parents, for one, dismiss me with dismay that I could be so “out of touch” with the LORD.


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