What a crazy day

AS I write this, there have already been 190,478 births around the world today – and 77,798 deaths.

According to the worldometers website, on this day, 15,216 people have already died of hunger and $91 million has already been spent around the world on video games.

About 249,282,623 million newspapers have been circulated today, 303 million tweets sent and 15 billion toilets have flushed.

Right now, there are about 1.1 billion overweight people in the world trying to get thinner, and nearly the same number of undernourished people looking for a decent meal

What a crazy. busy planet.


5 thoughts on “What a crazy day

  1. And we were given custody of this planet. Hadn’t we better do something about it? Birth control for starters?


    • Well said Strewth! I can get you a supply of pills wholesale if you like. 🙂
      Perhaps we can sneak them into the food in the parliamentary cafeteria!


    • Considering that there are the same number of overweight and undernourished people, I think this is evidence what is actually needed is a change in priorities.


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