God Is A Commie And Pope Francis Is A Socialist

HUMORIST Stephen Colbert came to some shocking conclusions about God and the Pope on the Colbert Report this week.

After playing a clip from The O’Reilly Factor in which its host claimed to know that the Pope was not endorsing socialism when he recommended taking money from the “haves” and giving it to the “haves not.” Colbert then played another clip in which an aghast panel on Fox Business News react to the news that the Pope has called on governments to “redistribute wealth to the poor.

“Son of a bishop!” Colbert exclaimed. “The Pope is a socialist. In retrospect, I should have known: he lives in Europe, and he gives his employees a one-day work-week.” “So, either the Pope is wrong,” Colbert said, “or God is a commie.”

“This is not right! Where is it written that I cannot love both God and money?” he asked,”except for in Matthew 6:24, in which Jesus said “you cannot serve both God and money.” –

“Either the Pope is wrong,” he continued, “Or God’s a commie.


2 thoughts on “God Is A Commie And Pope Francis Is A Socialist

  1. Well if Pope Francis is, then he would be in stark contrast to prior Popes. I still don’t believe he is though. I think Bill’s got it right.


  2. It is right, I believe, that our concept of God should change with time and understanding. As children of God,we are meant to grow towards maturity, no matter how far we are from it yet, or how delightful and lovable children are.


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