Where is the justice?

Proverbs 13:23 states that “an unplowed field produces food for the poor, but injustice sweeps it away.”
Where is the justice when governments like ours make fiscal judgements that further disenfranchise the poor?
AS Tony Campolo wrote:.”There are 2000 verses of scripture that talk about caring for the poor. And I don’t care what else you’re into, if you ignore what the Bible is really about – helping the poor and oppressed – you’ve missed the message of Jesus. The only description Jesus gives of judgement day is how we treated the poor. He’s not going to ask theological questions like do you believe in the virgin birth? It’s going to be the 25th chapter of Matthew — did you care for the poor, the sick? If I was an alien did you take me in?”


6 thoughts on “Where is the justice?

      • What ever happened to the $28 billion desalination plant that was oversized for our needs and stuck the poor with higher water bills?


  1. I could accept austerity measures if they were necessary and fair, but not under circumstances where Australia has near the lowest world defecit, and the most vulnerable are being targeted.


    • That happens because there’re so many of them, Strewth, that they make a much bigger target.
      ….and they don’t fire back.


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