Even Martians have a right to be baptized

POPE Francis said this week that everyone has the right to be baptized — even aliens from outer space.

The pope said during his daily mass that the Catholic Church should not close its doors to people who wish to be baptized, even if they are “green men, with a long nose and big ears, like children draw,” French news agency AFP reported.

“If tomorrow, for example, an expedition of Martians arrives and some of them come to us … and if one of them says: ‘Me, I want to be baptized!’, what would happen?” he joked.

The pope’s message was one of inclusion, saying the Holy Spirit is not always predictable. He told a story from the Acts of Apostles in which Peter observes a group of non-Christians receiving the Holy Spirit. Other Christians later criticize Peter for consorting with these people.

“Who are we to close doors?,” asked Francis.

The Argentine pontiff is known for his colorful sense of humor and his down-to-earth style.

Francis has been firm in his stance, arguing that children of divorced or cohabiting parents should not be denied a baptism, AFP said.


4 thoughts on “Even Martians have a right to be baptized

  1. Reblogged this on Essential Thinking and commented:
    and I’m hoping its not just the Catholic Church that can be this open… I guess, as with so many things, its then the follow on question- what do people do after they exercise their rights? Do we take hold of the responsibility that comes with them?


    • That’s the crux of the matter isn’t it? Church Rolls are full of people whose only claim to Christianity is turning up to church on Easter and Christmas and sleeping through the sermon.
      Rest of the time there is no difference between them and non-Christians, in their actions, attitudes, etc.
      Sure baptise them, but make sure that they are held accountable for the responsibilities involved in being a Christian.


      • Bryan and all,
        Always a fascinating question regarding the status and intelligence of any visitors from outer space.

        What if the progenitors of our little green men from Mars had never failed a test like that attributed to our ‘first parents’ in the Garden? And having never been presented with such a test or the record of such a test, they would doubtless be totally perplexed at the concept of having to be forgiven for such a sin. They simply may not comprehend the idea, and for that matter may possibly despise our race for having failed.

        In the process, maybe on their planet, instead, they actually had one or more semi-divine visitors of their own, to show them the way; and maybe they would be out to baptize or convert US instead. Heck, maybe it would lead to crusader type wars from either or both sides to forcibly assert their ‘truths’.

        Mind you, I haven’t suggested there, another alternative idea. What if Jesus Christ had been incarnated on their planet instead? Different name, different culture and language, and different ways of expressing the appropriate truths for them? No Paul, no Jewish Scripture, or whatever????



      • Consiering your last suggestion,Rian, what if that has indeed happened here on Earth?


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