In wealth we trust

AN American basketball star was shocked to discover that he had been paid about 50 times more for his endorsement of a brand of sneakers than the combined annual wages of the 22,000 women in Indonesia who assembled them.

Now that’s inequality.

Nearly a quarter of humanity – 1.3 billion people – live in absolute poverty on less than $1 a day. They have no medicine, sanitation or proper food.

They don’t have mortgages either because most don’t have houses. Just shanties.

According to a World Vision estimate, if the world was a village of 1000 people, next year’s population would be 1018. Twenty-eight people would be born, but 10 would die – three from lack of food, one from cancer, two in birth, one from war or crime, and three from natural causes.

About 200 people from the village would receive 75 per cent of its total income. About 600 – the “middle class’’ – would share another 23 per cent. The remaining 200 people would have to survive on the last two per cent of the income.

This isn’t the world God wanted. It’s the world we built.


33 thoughts on “In wealth we trust

  1. Empires come and empires go. Greece is a basket case. Italy is in huge debt. The UK is a shadow of what it once was. The US has been in decline since the 50s. The way the US is going in 50 to 100 years it may well be the US that provides cheap labour for the rest of the world. God gives blessings and God can take it away.


  2. Yep. —> ‘The lord giveth and the lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the lord’,
    according to that renowned astrophysicist Job. (or was he quoting Sir Humphrey Appleby??)
    …….in any case, the situation is obviously, precisely, “what god wanted”.

    A non-believer, of course would have a different take:- ‘it’s ALL Relative.’
    And, according to that other wise man who sometimes says something of indisputable import;
    —> “It’s the world we built.”

    But mere talk is cheap.
    To quote yet another inspired wit (who often ‘put his money where his mouth is’) :- “Everybody complains about the weather ~ but nobody DOES anything about it”.


  3. Did I forget to mention ?–> No other species of animals has these problems.
    It’s OUR evolved ‘authorities’ alone (governments, religions, etc.)
    that have created the social ‘climates’ under which we labour.

    What are YOU going to DO about it?


      • No need for pitchforks Dom. Though my nature leans towards …, ‘active’ solutions…..
        Even Jesus got his point across with ‘passive resistance’.
        DON’T vote ~ ever, on anything; (least of all in “illegal” democratic elections like those in the Ukraine!) ~ a concept as stupid as it is unnatural! (and prohibited by all the gods.)
        DON’T pay taxes to support the assorted would-be ‘authorities’ ~ from god down to Mr Rabbit.
        DON’T recognise nor accept the alleged ‘authority’ of any establishment: any such co-operation is defacto surrender of ‘Self’ and submission to coercion.
        DON’T ‘co-operate’ with ‘The State’ ~ ANY State ~ including particularly the police-element of The State. The worst they can do is kill you; but you can do yourSelf much more harm than that.
        DON’T ever admit anything: it’ll be twisted and perverted and used against you. Ask Jesus 😉 )
        DO become an anarchist; embrace it as devoutly as others embrace religion.
        ….you know….those who preach Free Will and strive for the opposite.
        DO question every rule, beginning the with touted ‘The Golden Rule’ :
        “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”.

        In the words of that well-known atheist:-
        ‘Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you. Their tastes may not be the same.’

        Let me know if you need details or encouragement.. You’ll never feel as alive and ‘justified’ in your existence.


      • ‘Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you. Their tastes may not be the same.’

        Here is an illustration of how this works:
        Masochist to Sadist: “Please hurt me! Hurt me! Pleeease!”
        Sadist to Masochist: “He! He! He! He! He!,,,, NOOO!”


      • Uh, ok I got all that Dabbles. Do you think we should go 21st century and get trimmers instead of pitchforks?


      • Work out how many we’ll need. Some christians I know can ~ as I understand it ~ put me in contact with a wholesaler.
        Only come in one colour though:- Flame Red.
        Oh….and are sizzling hot.
        (Fell off the back of a truck perhaps?)


      • The trick is not to get stuck with them.
        ………to sell them on quickly 😉


      • That’d depend on the Corolla’s politics, wouldn’t it?
        Is it a Conservative Corolla?
        Or a Larcenous Liberal one?
        Or ‘None of the Above’?


  4. Just a minute Bryan.
    Some of these third world countries are poor due to their own fault. How is it that in spite of foreign aid, many African countries can afford to arm themselves but cannot feed their own population? Where is all the foreign money gone?


  5. We need to put our money where our mouth is. Everyone who claims a faith in God should not only support the church they attend, but give to hunger programs as well. There I’ve said it.


    • ….and good for you Rebecca.
      But consider this:- If god and his church are too stupid to be able to support themselves would you really want to entrust them with your life (and possible ‘Hereafter’)?


  6. Yes. And also find ways the problem of hunger can be eliminated. Education, fair wages, agriculture, population control, and various other social justice issues can be addressed.


    • Come on Strewth: you know the cure for hunger is to reduce the number of bellies it’s necessary to fill.

      And don’t all those other ‘social justice issues’ also hinge on vastly unnatural human populations?
      They don’t exist in any other society of creatures, nor existed in our own until relatively recently. (post-tribally)

      Given my recent legal-involvement-education I reckon I could prosecute as ‘crimes’ every one of the Ten Commandments.

      Our New Age (PC) creates problems that have no solutions.

      ps. and in terms of “trusting in wealth” that means ‘spending’ rather than ‘using’ it.
      Even dogs know better; but not us. ……..gotta keep the artificial ‘economy’ going ~ no matter how irrational or what the cost.


      • “Come on Strewth: you know the cure for hunger is to reduce the number of bellies it’s necessary to fill.”

        Dabs, is it so hard to miss “population control” in my post? To get there you do need education and security in an old age that might be childless.


      • Not sure what you mean, Strewth.

        For one thing, by:- “Dabs, is it so hard to miss “population control” in my post?”
        Did you mean ‘Is it so EASY to miss?’ your mention of population control?

        If so, I’m far from convinced that in this day and age the old maxim ~ of producing kids as a support/pension scheme in one’s old age ~ is still valid.

        The mechanical/automated/computerised era has buried that approach.
        And I think part of the problem these days is that the burgeoning population drives us to create endless numbers of ‘non-productive’ work (in strictly economic terms) simply to try keeping a lid on ‘unemployment’ stats. (for purely political reasons).

        While those umpteem millions of people produce no actual (economic) wealth, they nonetheless need to be fed, housed, etc. etc.

        Where once ‘money’ = x-amount of cabbages, these days its only ‘value’ lies in how quickly it can be passed around in circles….and how well ‘confidence’ in it can be maintained.
        The recent ‘bitcoin’ debacle is a good case in point. (So was the GFC a few years ago.)
        One of these days ~ sooner rather than later I suspect ~ dollars, euros, pesos, yen and shekels, etc. will go down the same gurgler.
        People will have a house ‘worth’ a coupla $million (according to ‘Market Confidence’, ‘The Mortgage’ and “what the house down the street sold for”), but you won’t be able to trade it for a loaf of bread or a litre of petrol ~ or, the way things are going, a bucket of clean water with it.

        ie, the real ‘economic-value’ commodities. The only real wealth we can trust.

        The problem is that it’s reducing at a rate directly proportional to that of the
        exploding human population…… producing more consumers.


      • “Did you mean ‘Is it so EASY to miss?”
        Yes, Dabs. Silly me! How perceptive of you to get the right interpretation.

        Once a person’s worth was how many followers he had in a fight. Then how much land he owned and tenants to work it.
        Then how much money he had to invest.
        For the less ‘worthy’ always comes how much his labour is worth.

        Now with technical advances opportunities for labour earning are rapidly disappearing. A person’s worth must be allotted on another, new, system. But what?

        Or will we eventually achieve a concept of equal worth?


      • Interesting issue to investigate Strewth.
        But I think the evidence shows that we’re running out of ‘worthfulness’.

        And I don’t think ‘equality’ works, since it’s a purely human construct and ~ in the big scheme of things ~ has no value. Nor place.

        On a good day I could make a fair argument that our future lies in the yet-to-be-discovered (and tamed, given our track-record)
        vagaries of space ~ ala Lazarus Long.*
        But there’s this deep-seated instinct that tells me that ~ just as nature gives individuals old-age to prepare them for death ~ our species has been provided a similar ‘state’ to prepare it for extinction. The zing has gone; exciting possibilities and challenges have virtually ceased to exist. (Christians express the same instinct in ‘End-Times’ predictions via the imminence of Armageddon and the Second Coming. Their actual longing for that is, I think, a dead give-away.)

        Ardrey, too, incorporates the concept in different ways. (His trilogy ~ which I again commend to y’all~ deals convincingly with our animal ancestry and the handing-down/ongoing-evolution of survival instincts.)

        At the end of one propositional chapter based on our need for ‘meaning’ among observable realities, he says:-

        ” The theory states that maturity is achieved by the acceptance of reality, and the capacity to absorb each disillusionment and still keep going.
        Nonetheless the theory grants that should a man ever attain a state of total maturity ~ ever come to see himself, in other words, in perfect mathematical relationship to the two and one half billion members of his species, and that species in perfect mathematical ralationship to the tide of tumultuous life which has arisen upon the earth and in which we represent but a single swell; and furthermore come to see our earth as but one opportunity for life among uncounted millions in our galaxy alone, and our galaxy as but one statistical improbability in the silent mathematics of all things ~ should a man, in sum, ever achieve the final, total, truthful Disillusionment of Central Position, then, in all likelihood he would no longer keep going but would simply lie down wherever he happened to be, and with a long-drawn sigh return to the oblivion from which he came.”

        I think the same could be said of man-‘kind’.
        And I think we’re getting close to that state. Look around you.

        Even at a very young age I noticed that ~ of all the species we know existed ~ the more intelligent they were the shorter their reign on earth lasted.
        Always wondered what that meant: but never doubted it. Cockroaches have outlived dinosaurs by 65 million years ~ and were around millions of years before them, too.
        ….wonder what keeps THEM interested? 🙂


      • *intriguing bit at the start of ‘Time Enough for Love’:-
        Lazarus long, 2300 years old, a rough, tough deeply philosophical intergalactic traveler/citizen, has been everywhere in the galaxy, and has done and been everything there is. And he’s had enough.
        He lands on a planet and books into a flop-house with the intent of foregoing the scheduled rejuvenation and die.
        However, word gets out and he’s visited by a flock of dignitaries (all related to him after the spreading of his seed throughout the galaxy for all that time!) and they implore him to keep going, for all sorts of reasons.

        He finally agrees on condition that they can think of two things he’s never done so’s to maintain his interest.

        In due course they come up with a couple of ideas which persuade him to rejuvenate.
        The first is that (given the latest technology) he should experience Time-Travel, an idea that appeals to him for personal reasons. (imagine the prospect of exploring the Infinity we were discussing recently!)

        The second is a stunner: clone himself as a female!….. Sounds simple, and the technology is a no-brainer; but try to get your head around it. Not just acting like a female, but actually BEING one ~ though apart from the x to y chromosome swap all the rest of his DNA remains as is: THE Lazarus Long.
        It’s mind-bogling!….. but does defeat that ‘instinct for death’ .
        Brilliant concept, and even years later I find myself shaking my head at the very idea.

        He ends up with ugly, redheaded, smart-arsed girl twins who in almost every essential are himself.


      • With tecnology giving us the prospect of replacable manufactured organs and body parts, rejuvanation processes, etc., I am glad I’ll be gone by then. I have no wish to stay here past and contribute to an over-crowded Earth.

        I can see so much good and so much imperfection here now, it makes me wonder about ‘end times’, given the above technology and the concept tbat this life is like a school. Some are graduating to higher learning or service, some failing and having to repeat elsewhere, or change courses?


  7. ….I’ve been sidetracked for the day! :- The ages had dimmed the memory.

    ” Man is the only animal which esteems itself rich in proportion to the number and voracity of its parasites.”


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