Noah banned in China

Looks like Russell Crowe’s biblical epic “Noah” won’t be showing in China (it was already banned in several Muslim countries). LA Times thinks it’s probably because “getting the Bible-based ‘Noah’ past China’s religion-sensitive censors was always seen as a challenge.

Meanwhile “Godzilla,” is opening June 13 in China. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which opened in China on Sunday, took in $10 million on its first day in theatres. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” has earned more than $115 million on the Chinese mainland.


7 thoughts on “Noah banned in China

  1. Noah’s a rubbish film anyway. It’s overblown, and by turns toe-curlingly sentimental and gratuitously horrific. It doesn’t know whether its fantasy or a melodrama, and has a deeply unsatisfying and confusing ending. Maybe the Chinese banned it out of good taste.


      • No. My knowledge of the bible isn’t spectacular, but as I remember Cain was a vegetarian, and here he and his descendants are portrayed as environmental thugs and murderers who will tear little birds limb from limb. Talk about banging you over the head with a message.


    • ps. That turned up (coincidently ???) in my emails this morning from a friend I hadn’t heard from for six months.

      Perhaps god ‘gave it to me’ as Mon would say………
      ….wonder if she’s managed to convert the maltesers from catholicism to The One True Faith yet? 🙂


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