The moon, the sun and the wind

By Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned by both the Nazis and Communists

Once the sun quarreled with the moon. The sun said, “The leaves on the tree are green,” whereas the moon said that they are the color of silver. The moon asserted that men on earth generally sleep, whereas the sun said that usually all men are moving.

The moon asked, “Then why is there silence on earth?” “Who told you this?” the sun answered. “On earth there is much noise.” The strife lasted for a long time.

And then the wind came; he listened to the debate and smiled. “Your quarrel is in vain. I blow when there is sun and when the moon shines. During the day, when the sun shines on the earth, everything happens just as the sun said. There is noise on earth and men work and the leaves are green. By night, when the moon rises, everything is changed. Men sleep, silence reigns, and the color of the leaves changes to silver. Sometimes, when a cloud covers the moon, they even look black. Neither you, sun, nor you, moon, know the whole truth.”

Atheists look at the material side of things and believe they encompass all reality. Buddhists believe that mind is the only reality and that the material world belongs to Maya, the sphere of illusion. But the Bible uses, in Hebrew as well as in Greek, the same word for “spirit” as for “wind.” It blows at all times, from many quarters. Those who have the Spirit of God see the whole of reality. They cannot limit themselves to either the materialistic philosophy or the idealist one.

In prison, the political officer asked me harshly, “How long will you continue to keep your stupid religion?”

I said to him, “I have seen innumerable atheists regretting on their deathbeds that they have been godless; they called on Christ. Can you imagine that a Christian could regret, when death is near, that he has been a Christian and call on Marx or Lenin to rescue him from his faith?”

The officer laughed, “A clever answer.”

I continued, “When an engineer has built a bridge, the fact that a cat can pass over the bridge is no proof that the bridge is good. A train must pass over it to prove its strength. The fact that you can be an atheist when everything goes well does not prove the truth of atheism. It does not hold up in moments of great crisis.”

“As there are many who believe they are Christians and in reality are not, we found that among the Russians there are many who believe they are atheists, but in reality they are not”


5 thoughts on “The moon, the sun and the wind

  1. Does anything exist that doesn’t have a purpose? Might take a while to recognise a purpose, but I feel there will be one.


  2. I think this is a lovely story and it’s true. We are each just giving our own perspective but I’m happy to see ‘the light’.


  3. Jesus told the same story (the bridge) but under the illustration of two houses; one built on sand the other one built on the rock. It was only a crisis that revealed which endured and which fell. In the same way, it is often a crisis that shows us what we really are. Notice that a crisis only reveals what we truly are. We can then be smart and use it as a correction tool, or be fools and remain in the state that we are.

    The Bible uses the illustration of a refiner’s fire to teach us that God often sends us crises to show us what we really are, so that our faults can be corrected. His advice is to buy of Him gold tried in fire, in other words a faith tried and purged of faults by fire.

    The same goes for a Christian, as well as for an atheist; it is easy to claim to be a Christian when things go well. But let persecution come and many self proclaimed Christians will show themselves to have been fake all along. Jesus illustrated this in the parable of the sower.

    Unless one allows God to refine him or her, and takes notice of what God is trying to purge away from their lives. And… this is easier said than done…


    • I’m agreeing! Second time since I’ve been here I’ve agreed with you, Davinci. I’d better be careful it doesn’t become a habit. 🙂


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