China offers rewards for beard informants

CHINA is offering up to $8000 to informants who report neighbors who wear beards, seen as a sign of Islam.

Informants in parts of Xinjiang’s Aksu prefecture, an epicenter of the region’s ethnic tensions, can earn anywhere from $8 to $8,000 for reporting their neighbors’ illegal religious or “separatist activity” — which can now include facial hair, according to Chinese newspaper The Global Times.

“That’s a lot of money for Uighurs in the south [of the region]. There they are very poor. This is an incentive to betray their fellow Uighurs to get some financial gain,” Alim Seytoff, spokesman for the Uighur rights advocacy group World Uyghur Congress (WUC),said,

Official disapproval of facial hair is nothing new in Xinjiang, a western region that abuts Central Asia, contains significant oil reserves and is home to large numbers of Uighurs, a traditionally Muslim ethnic group

In recent months, other religious restrictions imposed by local governments have barred women wearing traditional headscarves from entering public venues. In one case in Aksu, authorities placed the Chinese flag at the head of a mosque, in an apparent bid to make worshippers bow to a symbol of the state.


7 thoughts on “China offers rewards for beard informants

  1. This is utterly ridiculous! Surely you can see whether someone has facial hair; you don’t need to inform people on who’s wearing facial hair or not?!


    • Maybe the reward is designed to inform on Islamic bearded ladies, or maybe those Italian mammas that we used to ridicule as children.

      Or maybe these are fake beards?

      Does anyone else see how stupid and ridiculous this whole thing is?


      • Speaking of which, I saw a photo of a 360-degreesurveillance camera today, sited at a main intersection so as to see up all four roads, with an attached radio-transmitter pointed at the police-station (blockhouse) up the road.
        It was a google-shot so has no link I can post, but will send it to Bryan who may be able to post it.
        Got a real shiver up my spine ~ Orwell’s ‘1984’ to a T!


      • I have no objection to surveillance of public places. They are public. Private space must remain sacrosanct!


    • “Chinese flag at the head of a mosque, in an apparent bid to make worshippers bow to a symbol”

      A Scottish friend, from a Christian family, remembers visiting his grandmother from the Hebrides. She still clung to the ‘auld religion’ and placed a symbol of it inside, directly in front of her entrance. The old house had a very low door, and she delighted in these Christian visitors having to bow their heads to enter, so bowing to her God!


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