Happy birthday Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, born on this day in 1840, produced so many hummable masterpieces..
He was a public servant in Russia before he realised he was really a musician. Thank God. Here is a bit of Tchaikovsky from the animated film Fantasia.


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Tchaikovsky

  1. Ah Bryan,
    Fantasia. One of the great joys of my childhood. I remember that my father provided me with an absence note for school so that he could take me to a matinee screening of the film up at the Belgrave Cinema called The Cameo. He wanted to develop my interest in ‘big music’ as he termed it. I just loved the film, and every time it was re-released over the years, I made a point of going to see it again.

    Terribly exciting some years back when it was issued out on video (and later of course on DVD)
    It is a most fabulous introduction to classical music. For a long time, it had been advertised that the Disney firm was bringing out a Fantasia 2 at the end of the century. And so they did, titled Fantasia 2000. Lots of people simply ignored it, many apparently believing that it was just a reissue of the original. But no. The 7 pieces of music that made it up were brand new selections, apart from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice which was actually in 1939 the key piece around which the whole film was designed. So now I have both the original Fantasia, and the Fantasia 2000 on video and DVD. Just marvellous stuff, and when you think about it, incredibly advanced production for something that came out in 39.

    When first issued, that original was something of a flop. Musical afficionados despised it as doing ‘cheap’ imagery to the pieces of music. And in particular the Disney treatment of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony was lambasted severely. I just adored it. But with time, its brilliance became appreciated, and must have made a lot of money for the studio.

    If any of the readers here have never seen either of them, in particular music lovers, I urge you to get them. They are just marvellous. I have to admit that in particular the Tchaikovsky Nutcracker excerpts just captivated me, and gave me a great appreciation of his music. That interest was developed further when I got to see the great Borovansky Ballet in Melbourne during the mid 1950s, and I was able to see on stage some of the classical ballet performances to Tchaikovsky and many other great composers.



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