Online and off the planet

TODAY’S technology is unparalleled in history as a means of communicating with others and as a means of sharing information. It is ironic that many find themselves increasingly isolated from the presence of other people. Here’s a short film for the online generation.


5 thoughts on “Online and off the planet

  1. For some time we seem to have been heading towards a meeting of minds rather than physical interaction. There’s nothing like the human touch. When dance partners stopped holding each other on the dance floor, how much they missed!

    This meeting of minds that technology brings, brings many of us closer together in both an intellectual sense and an emotional one. We can become friends or antagonists, we can get to know and accept how other people think without giving them a blood nose.

    Is it good? I don’t know. We always regret losing the best of the past.


    • And I doubt if contact in our next life will be physical. Perhaps we should get used to communication through thought and emotion!


  2. One of the reasons I no longer carry a cell phone….It is amazing to me..that I can be standing right next to someone and they would prefer to text me rather than speak to me…..hmmm


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