Was the First World War a Holy War?

AUTHOR Philip Jenkins sees the First World War as a “thoroughly religious event”, in the sense that overwhelmingly Christian nations fought each other in what many viewed as a holy war, a spiritual conflict. Not in medieval or Reformation times but in the age of aircraft and machine guns, the majority of the world’s Christians were indeed engaged in a holy war that claimed more than ten million lives.

An Excerpt:

I do not personally believe in the sanctity of any war, leave alone the confused bloodbath that began in 1914. But the overwhelmingly Christian Europe of those years certainly did believe in Holy War, and treated that conflict accordingly. If we ignore that element, we are missing the heart of the story. Religion is essential to understanding the war, to understanding why people went to war, what they hoped to achieve through war, and why they stayed at war.

READ MORE HERE http://www.faithstreet.com/onfaith/2014/04/29/philip-jenkins-was-the-great-war-a-holy-war/31867.


6 thoughts on “Was the First World War a Holy War?

  1. God was on both sides, apparently.
    From the German trenches a sign was erected – ” Gott mit uns.” (God is with us.)
    A sign was soon erected from the Allies’ trenches – ” We got mittens too.”


  2. Utter nonsense! It was nationalism and politics that led to WW1. Religion was merely used as a tool for promoting war. Speaking with Conscientious Objectors whose parents were jailed and persecuted in that era, it emerges that:
    – Because Governments are a God appointed institution, then opposing them on the issue of waging war was claimed to oppose God! Right?
    – In persecuting conscientious objectors people forgot that when apostle Paul talks about the government being the minister of God bearing a sword, he was talking about God’s authority given to government to punish crime not to go to war against other nations.

    This whole issue of making the first and second world wars into holy wars comes from the “religion causes wars” school of thought. They know that the two world wars were not religious in nature, so they deceive people by claiming:
    – WW1 and WW2 soldiers were “Christians” therefore it must have been a holy war. This in spite of the fact that many “Christians” were fake Christians.
    – Politicians used religion to manipulate the masses, therefore religion causes war. In this case a distorted view of religion.

    I believe that the proof is on the side that:


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