Spanish government gives top policing award to a Virgin Mary statue


IN yet another nutty but true story……Spain’s top policing award has gone not to a heroic police officer but to a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The country’s interior minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, awarded the gold medal of police merit to an icon of the virgin in Málaga because, he said, “she and her congregation maintained a close collaboration with police, particularly during the acts celebrated in Holy Week,” and also share “police values such as dedication, caring, solidarity, and sacrifice.”

Secularists – and many Christians in austerity-stricken Spain – are outraged, and are taking the interior minister to court in an attempt to get the award – normally reserved for police who have died in terrorist attacks- revoked, the Guardian reports.

“The norm specifies clearly that the medal is given to people, not immaterial beings,” says Francisco Delgado of Secular Europe. “It’s meant to recognise exceptional acts of service by police.”

As one Christian wrote: “As a non-Catholic, the use of inanimate statues for the purposes of worship is difficult to understand, but awarding them medals does seem to have taken idolatry too far.”

In other news, Santa has been nominated for a Victoria Cross…No, not really but you see where I’m going!


12 thoughts on “Spanish government gives top policing award to a Virgin Mary statue

    • Sure there is Strewth!
      It’s called ‘The Collection Plate’.

      In fact, I’d suggest it was actually the precursor of the ‘Animism’ stage 😉


    • Oh Strewth,

      You ask ‘is there any accounting for beliefs?’ your question irresistibly brought to my mind one of my many infamous limericks. One that I”m very fond of actually, with its delight in fancy word play. Goes like this.–

      A Wine Taster who was Perth based
      Sent his bill in a moment of haste.
      Wont he be dismayed
      When he doesn’t get paid –
      There’s just no accounting for taste.

      Apologies for that,


      • So Dabbles, are you advocating a Wealth tax instead of an Income tax? Sorry I haven’t had time to read all from your links.


      • Of course not Strewth.
        I’d never advocate ANY sort of tax.
        Taxation is a relatively recent development with it’s roots in the OT ~ blood-money. Income tax is barely 100 years old ~ and look what the bastards (“but we have a mandate!”) did with it.

        As the late, great, Kerry Packer said to the Senate:-


      • ps….as I’ve pointed out previously ~ and never got a response: How is the ATO in the slightest way any different from the mafia protection rackets or bikie-gang standover men:- ‘Give us your money or we’ll hurt you.’
        (One government-sourced collection-agency actually threatened to send a couple of bikies around to collect an alleged ‘debt’.)

        In principle and practice exactly the same, except the ATO has better computer-tracking methods and access to every imaginable public record data-bank in existence.
        ……and they don’t just beat you up, they take everything you’ve got and jail you for years.
        Look up the ‘powers’ available to the taxman sometime ~ scary shit ~ and absolutely totalitarian/nazi.


      • When everyone is happy to pay for the services they receive and happy to pay charity for those on hard time we will be forced to pay tax.


  1. What about when they’re forced to ‘receive’ services they neither need nor want, Dom? (like hordes of politicians and bureaucrats? ) or reticulated water at whatever price they choose to set (just for the ‘availability’).
    I don’t accept that any person or ‘authority’ (representing other people or not) has the right to tell me what I need, must have, or must forego. That’s called ‘a dictatorship’.

    And ‘charity’ is a religious construct without any legislative ‘support’; are you endorsing the forcible support of whatever religious power is in place ~ or can apply the most- force/greatest-threats? Isn’t that the Ned Kelly Principle, and wasn’t it a crime when our Ned did it?….at least he had the decency to carry a gun!

    I wondered recently about the stink kicked up over the Schapelle Corby ‘proceeds of crime’ kerfuffle, and how it was that all the police, legislators, judiciary and government departments, etc., conveniently overlooked the fact that THEY were doing well off the proceeds of crime by way of ample salaries, super-annuation and other perks they wouldn’t get other than from criminal activity.


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