Palestinian leader Abbas calls Holocaust most heinous crime of modern era

APRIL 28 was Holocaust Remembrance Day. And Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has denounced the Holocaust as the “most heinous” modern crime.

He called the Holocaust an embodiment of racism, in response to a question by Rabbi Marc Schneier on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the statement from the Palestine Liberation Organization said. He said Palestinians reject racism and ethnic discrimination, and he called on the world to fight it.

“The Palestinian people, who suffer from injustice, oppression and denied freedom and peace, are the first to demand to lift the injustice and racism that befell other peoples subjected to such crimes,” the statement read.

The PLO called on Israel to “conclude a just and comprehensive peace in the region, based on the two states vision.”

It seems Abbas has had a change of mind. In his 1983 doctoral dissertation, Abbas wrote of “the Zionist fantasy, the fantastic lie that six million Jews were killed” and said only 890,000 Jews were killed by Nazis — and that these were chiefly the victims of a Zionist-Nazi plot, the Jerusalem Post reported Sunday. But in 2011, he said he did “not deny the Holocaust” and that he had “heard from the Israelis that there were six million” victims, adding, “I can accept that,” The New York Times reported.


18 thoughts on “Palestinian leader Abbas calls Holocaust most heinous crime of modern era

  1. I’m not convinced the other 60 million corpses of WWII would agree with the “Holocaust as the “most heinous” modern crime.”
    ,,,,not to mention the 200 million ‘survivors’ who had their lives, bodies and minds shattered forever.
    The so-called jewish ‘holocaust’ only makes any sort of impact on history if looked at from a
    strictly racist perspective.

    Which good propaganda ensures happens.

    ps…and I suspect the few million killed in the vietnam ~ in 20 years ~ or the Rwandan genocide (in which about the same percentage/per-population were butchered as was the percentage of jews in europe ~ in just over three MONTHS) would agree with me.

    …..oh! and let’s not forget the (30-60 million victims of Uncle Joe.

    It’s not what you say that matters, but how you say it!


    • now, back to business.

      Since our beloved Kathleen cant be counted in, it looks as if it will be Dabbles, Me Strewth, and Bryan. Wow, what a team!!!

      What we are currently working on is a meet round about the 11.30am mark at the Southern Cross/Spencer St Station. May well stay right there, as we would be under cover, with toilets and basic food spots in the complex. There is a roomy lounge/waiting room there near the main (Collins St) entrance where we could get together, If we eventually trot off somewhere else, we can at least make our plans on the spot there.

      See ya. Are you still in, do you think Bryan? Hope so. We need someone present with his feet on the ground.



    • Well, Bryan and all and Michael too

      Sorry you were unable yesterday Bryan. and Michael, guess one of us should have hung a notice around the neck to advertise us. Strewth and I came in by train and caught up with the dreaded Dabbles fairly quickly. Then from 11.30 on were in the big waiting lounge. Then some time later we got up and departed upstairs to Ravenous Fred’s, where we had our nourishment and drinks.

      Strewth made her departure middle of the afternoon, and Dabs and I continued until about I whizzed off to catch my train around 4.30. A great session and much to chat about. Sorry to hear of the car breakdown Bryan, but these things happen to all of us, even to Christians I’m told.

      Good to have met you Dabbles. I’ll have another attempt to see Bryan some time in the future. Perhaps I’ll let Bryan choose the spot on that occasion.

      Cheers, Rian


  2. Whether he is right or wrong that is beside the point. Comments like these have always been made by different people in the Islamic world. I am wondering why the media is now allowing comments like these to be reported.


  3. Usually if people ask, the person I would love most to have a cup of coffee with is Bryan Patterson. To which they respond “Who?”. But a cuppa with ALL of the people who so boldly contribute to what I believe is the best blog ever – Now that’s what I would call a great cup of coffee, even if I do just quietly sit and enjoy just listening to you as I usually do on this site.
    Any chance of an invite?


    • well Michael,
      you have the opportunity of a lifetime just now. So long as four of us manage to get together at Southern Cross Station tomorrow morning about the 11.30am mark, you can join in and enjoy it.

      But I sadly fear that you dont live in Victoria. I also fear that you are not available for such a trip during the week, due presumably to your employment obligations.

      Cheers, Rian.


      • Not sure where your info was assumed from. I live in Victoria. As for the rest of it, I just quietly muddle along and grab opportunities as they arise then deal with the guilty feeling of not attending all of the things that I perhaps should have been – new start up business with the WORST boss in the world…


      • We were watching for you, Michael, but didn’t have any clues. Sorry to miss you.


      • I did go to the station and hung around the transit lounge until about 12, I wasn’t sure who to look for and didn’t feel bold enough to just go up and ask a stranger who they were. Oh well, dropped a couple of dollars in the open family fundraiser – wasn’t a total waste of time for me. (: Maybe next time?
        PS Noticed an extra profile view from someone on another site I use.


      • Bryan, maybe a next time? You nominate details and we’ll try to fit in?

        Michael, our train got in at 11.45. Rian and I sat outside the transit lounge until Dabbles came along, then we went inside and were there for some time, before going elsewhere.. What a pity!


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