The Bard news


Shakespeare, born 450 years ago today. invented 1700 words in the English language. He was the first person to use words such as – aerial, critic, submerge, majestic, hurry, lonely, road, assassination, laughable, reliance, exposure……

He’s also responsible for many of the every day phrases we use without a thought to where they came from. If you thought you didn’t know any Shakespeare then you should think again. Have you ever said any of these phrases?

Break the ice, All that glitters is not gold, Hot-blooded, In the mind’s eye, Housekeeping, It’s all Greek to me, The naked truth, One fell swoop, Method in his madness…..

There you go. Shakespeare is probably in all our lives in some way every day. Even those of us who’ve never seen one of his plays or read one of his sonnets.


6 thoughts on “The Bard news

  1. For sooth! What guarded shadow creeps
    Among the garden growths at night?
    And muddy furrows overleaps
    and roundly damns the twiggy blight
    that snatches at his heart’s delight:-
    The scarlet plume upon his hat.

    (From the first draft of Romeo and Juliet)
    ….wish I could remember the rest of it.


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