What happened to pop music with a purpose?

THERE is some awful pop music around, but there always has been.

As Pavarotti said: “Some music is like a strong brandy. Some is like a fine wine. And some is like Diet Coke.’’

There is an increasing tendency toward spiritual longing in today’s mainstream music. You hear it in the lyrics of a bunch of artists ranging from Gaga, Eminem and Mumford & Sons to Springsteen and certainly Stevie Wonder and U2.

Though often dismissed as ephemeral or, worse, demonic, popular music has given voice to this quest for transcendence since its beginnings.

Plato said the music we listen to reveals much about our spirituality. To show our CD collections may be to bare our souls.

Some may find the lyrics of some songs dealing with spirituality hard to take, even downright subversive.

But a seed planted can lead us to deeper questions.

And not all pop music is disposable, or worse, spiritually bankrupt.

The good stuff has always given voice to an urge to “move on up’’. It continues to express the spiritual and the mystical.

So be discerning and then turn up the stereo. It may be a healing process.


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