The trending words of 2014

HERE ARE Social researcher McCrindle Research’s seven Trending Words of 2014.


Australia’s longevity has hit new records with life expectancy at birth exceeding 80 years. But not only are Australians living longer, they are also working longer, active later and looking younger in lifestyle than previous generations at the same age. So meet the downagers: a generation of retirees who may be downsizing homes but not downsizing lifestyles.


This is where hobbies become entrepreneurial – turning interests into income earners. From yoga teaching to eBay selling to scrapbooking to personal training – many Australians are turning their passions into dollars. Australia has always been an entrepreneurial nation, and now people are turning their spare rooms and spare hours into home-based businesses that have lifestyle benefits and provide some earnings as well. In the last 4 decades the proportion of the workforce employed on a part-time basis has tripled from 1 in 10 workers in the early 1970’s to 1 in 3 today. Australians are using their extra time not just for work-life balance but in many cases are earning an income from the downtime – hence the rise of the hobbypreneur.

Silver surfers

Older Australians are online and on board the latest technologies just like their younger counterparts. Equipped with smartphones, tablets and apps, Australians aged over 65 may be retired, but their also wired – and increasingly wireless! These Google grandparents are the most tech-savvy seniors ever and are adept at Skyping their grandchildren, Facebooking the family and even doing a bit of Candy Crush on the side!


Australian teenagers consume more than 10 hours of screen time per day in around 8 hours of time – such is their multi-screening behaviour. While they share the teenage lifestage that is a rite of passage for every generation, they are moving through these formative years in a unique era – and a screen-saturated one. Also called the i-Gen, the click-n-go kids, Generation Connected and the digital integrators, technology is key to their lives and futures.


In recent months FOMO (fear of missing out) has been given a counter reaction: for many it is JOMO (joy of missing out) that they experience. Knowing that you have avoided that conference dinner or work function and are comfortably ensconced on the lounge at home gives JOMO to many.


The use of a smart phone in a store to do online shopping, check prices, or to take photos of items to compare online is called showrooming. More than half of all Gen Ys have done some showrooming, highlighting how the divide between the online world and the real world is getting further blurred.


If you have left your mobile at home for a day or run out of battery along the way – you know the feeling of being landlined! After the arrival of email, posted letters became “snail mail” and in this era of the ubiquity of mobiles, any tethered phone in this wireless world has the effect of landlining us.


24 thoughts on “The trending words of 2014

  1. Hi everyone,
    this comment of mine is not on todays subject. I just want to stir a few of the folk here into the possibility of coming to the meetup in Melbourne next Tuesday, which is just one week off now.

    If I dont hear within the next few days, I shall take it that no-one wants to come. In which case I shall make an independent trip into town by myself, and spend my time in the bookshops, especially at the Theosophical Bookshop in Russell St.

    My one proviso about the trip in would be that it be not too early. Sometime floating round the 12 to 12.30 would be good. Sometime to 1.30 would also be fine.

    So who is coming in? Kathleen? Bryan? Dabbles? I’m in contact with Strewth right here so we can confirm without any trouble.
    Cheers, Rian.


    • Yep! (Rather busy on several fronts, so didn’t realise how quickly the time’s passed. )
      Say when and where. Drive right in? (always a carpark at the casino or ~maybe opera house~ or train it? Easier, but restricts movement.
      Lunch? Yarra-bank? (Picnic?) Hamburger on the hoof? Case of red down on the river?
      I’m not familiar enough with Melb. to suggest an itinerary.
      Meanwhile, check your mail.


      • Ah Bryan,
        Never let it be said that I’m inflexible about things.

        If Tuesdays are difficult, I’d be happy to make it another day. Oh heck, just recalled that Strewth told us she is not availalble for the next days immediately after the Tuesday, doing some house-sitting. She is keen so I wouldnt want to disappoint her, and for those what dont know her, believe me, she is fun. (dont know just what I meant by that. hope that is no insult Strewth.). And while we are discussing aliass and pen names or whatever, I strongly suspect, Bryan that underneath your outer guise of mild-mannered reporter, there just has to be a big colourful S on your shirt front, and you are able to leap the tallest buildings and………..

        Now seriously Bryan, if the lunchtime in particular is your problem but you could make it later for your own grand entrance, I guess we could manage to suffer in suspenseful silence until you joined us. Is that any better? I could certainly fit in for a meeting a couple of hours later. Doesnt really matter just what time I get a train back here. (Although my Pussies will be getting a bit desperate if I get in too late!)

        I am looking forward to this.

        Cheers, Rian.


      • “for those what dont know her, believe me, she is fun. ”

        Rian, not an insult, I wish it was true. There is no way you could be talking about me! I do smile occasionally, but mainly internally.

        My family can’t understand why I want for my funeral “How Can I Keep From Singing”, because they can’t hear that inner constant song (even if it sometimes happens to be a dirge!)


      • Hi Dabbles, Bryan and all and sundry,
        Well we dont have to stick with Tuesday next week. Strewth has announced that she is not tied up later in the week after all. Bryan you have no need to struggle in late because of a prior engagement.

        So what say we make it 30th or 1st of May. Thursday? Or Wednesday? I’m available either day. Now Dabbles, I dont know just how you may be getting into the city on the day. If it is a country rail line, I presume that you would be landing in at Southern Cross/Spencer St station. and my guess might be to do our hanging round just down from the station, where there are some attractive gardens alongside the river Yarra.

        (You know that body of water dont you, Dabbles? The only river in the world [some used to say] that runs upside down.) There is a good chance that I can arrange a lift from one of my friendly associates, and that could get both Strewth and myself in comfortable transport.

        So over to you. Any possibility Kathleen, huh???? Would love to meet you too.

        cheers, Rian.


      • Hi Rian.
        I can’t do Monday 28th ~ any other time I’m yours.
        (and Kathleen’s ……if she hasn’t gotten too old by then 😉 )
        Lucky Monica’s not around; she’d only complicate matters, eh? 😆

        I can get off the train anywhere ~ and Flinders St is directly over the river from the Arts Centre, which is always good for an informal look.
        Cafes etc down a few steps on Yarra-Bank and the Botanical Gardens just over the road depending on the weather. For the masochists in our midst Maccas etc. (and Subway) are just up Swanston….just opposite the Town Hall if we wanted to stage a protest about something! (Getting old?) Also a couple of pokey little bookshops around there if I recall.
        You work out a program…..though it’s just occurred to me that Bryan might be leery about hanging around that precinct: too close to his previous slave-quarters!

        ……. .


      • I’m too shy. Being honest, I struggle with meeting too many new people at once.

        Other than that as I’m a Carer I can’t book definite dates. It depends on how the oldies are faring. Last night was a bad night and today I’m in a state of stupor 🙂

        If you do get together afterall, take photos and post them!


      • I doubt there’ll be anyone ‘new’ there Kathleen ~ we’re all from last century!; so try to turn up anyway, hey.
        I’ll let you hide behind me if you like (But I’m not wearing a skirt for anyone! 🙂 )

        … for being in a stupor, well, what can I say?
        Perfect! 😆


      • ….or we could swing past Bryan’s place to pick him up!
        (I understand a bible on a string makes a good lure!)
        ….and then all lob around to Kathleen’s
        …..with a few buckets of sacramental plonk. (Enough for any care-ees as well.)
        (The shyer they are……..! )


  2. There’s also YOLO; you only live once. Basically it can be an excuse to essentially to do what what you want to do without over thinking it. Of course, it can be both a positive or negative thing, depending on how you use it.


  3. Q. If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared today,
    what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them
    about life today?

    A. I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing
    the entirety of information known to man.
    I use it to look at pictures of cats and get into arguments with strangers.


  4. I am thinking more about the words that may soon leave.

    Alarm Clock
    Street Directory
    Telephone Directory


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