The secret of life is…..

THAT fine troubador James Taylor happened upon a simple truth or two when he wrote The Secret Of Life, a song that came to him almost completely in 10 minutes when he was sitting on his porch playing guitar.

Taylor said that the secret of life was enjoying the passage of time.

“Any fool can do it, there aint nothing to it. Nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill, but since were on our way down we may as well enjoy the ride.’’

The song continues: “The secret of love is in opening up your heart. It’s okay to feel afraid. But dont let that stand in your way cause anyone knows that love is the only road, and since were only here for a while we might as well show some style.’’

It is a sweet reminder that strikes a chord in most people who hear the song.


10 thoughts on “The secret of life is…..

    • Not much value without also having an audience, is it Kate ~ and someone to write about you in glowing terms?
      ….and your mum? 😉


      • Maybe you can sing me a birthday song then Dabbles, but then now that I’m officially old, you may not want to 🙂

        My mum? Que?


      • May not be the same for girls, but a boy always needs his mum.
        (Any mum will tell you that,,,,)
        Probably accounts for my life-long attraction to ‘older women’! 😉


      • ….another sure way to get me fired up is to say something is ‘official’.
        You sound as though you’re looking for trouble, girlie.
        Not a problem though; I learnt long ago that well-brought-up catholic girls need to be spanked regularly.
        Sometimes god gets his mysterious works right!


      • Yes, done and dusted.

        Don’t wink at me, you’re older 🙂

        Spanked? lol How do you get to that from singing. No trouble Dabs, just having a laugh with a friend 🙂


      • ??how’s that again?:-

        NOT looking for trouble???
        Try harder!

        Done and dusted???:- A gift every birthday girl likes to get.

        Spanked? lol How do you get to that from singing.
        Think about it 😉

        sigh 😦 …….Don’t wink at me, you’re older
        (But I’m not as old as some 30-year-olds I know.)


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