Be imperfectly happy


WHEN brilliant French sculptor Auguste Rodin was near the end of his life, a friend found him weeping in his studio next to a statue he had completed.

The friend could not comprehend the old man’s grief and, pointing to the statue, said: “But it’s perfect!”

“I think so too and that is why I am weeping,” Rodin said. He had realised his artistry could take him no further in life.

The hardest part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an encore.

But, of course, it should not be a problem for any of us. We’re all imperfect and it’s an imperfect world. We could all be much happier if we accepted our lot.

The average child, in innocence and acceptance of life, laughs about 400 times a day, but adults manage only 15 guffaws. One reason could be that we adults are so busy trying to make our lives happy that we lose sight of the delights of imperfection.


6 thoughts on “Be imperfectly happy

  1. Recently reading on happiness and personality. It seems each of us have two main traits out of this list. The traits don’t change, but their purpose can change. Happiness is about growing within those boundaries, using them for good rather than otherwise.

    1. Inspirers (Very few of us)
    2. Leaders, organisers (Few of us)

    3. Imagining, creating. (Some of us)
    4. Learning.(Some of us)

    5. Fighting (More of us)
    6. Demonstrating, showing.(More of us)

    7. Serving. (Most of us)

    I would reckon I am a 4 and a 7. Interesting to see which two characteristics are seen in various biblical characters.


    • For anyone who’s interested,

      The 1s inspire the 7s.
      The 2s lead and organise the 5s.
      The 3s imagine and create for the 6s
      The 4s interact anywhere.

      So for happiness, find not only those like yourself, but those who have an interaction with your traits.

      Most of us being servers, we will gain happiness not only in serving, but in finding inspiration.


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