We are unique

In his general audience this week Pope Francis was greeted by one audience member shouting, “Francis, there’s no one like you!” The pope responded in the best possible way.

“You, too,” Pope Francis cried back to the man. “There’s nobody like you, too! There are no two people like you!”

The pope has been known to downplay his followers’ devotion to him. In March Pope Francis responded to his growing celebrity status, saying, “To depict the pope as a sort of superman, a sort of star, seems offensive to me. The pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps tranquilly and has friends like everyone else, a normal person.”

And this ‘normal person’ is out to tell all normal people everywhere that there’s no one just like them. How’s that for inspiration?


22 thoughts on “We are unique

  1. Depends how you look at it, I guess. In the ultmate John Donne was I think right in saying ‘no man is an island’ and ‘do not send toask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.’ Fossall, are you there? 🙂

    But here in our earthly manifestation we are unique, and I believe precious, regardless of our faults.


    • Someone else, too, once said “As much as you have done to one of these my little brothers, you have done that to me.”


      • Yes He did and then proceeded to chuck others into eternal fire because of their faults.


      • That was Matthew 25:40
        Also see Matthew 25:45
        He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did NOT do for one of the least of these, you did NOT do for me.’


      • Yes, Davinci, it’s important to look at not only what scripture says objectively, but perhaps more important to look at what it says to you subjectively, for God has unique messages for each of us. Heed what it means to you, I have been advised.


  2. He seems to be the best pope in my lifetime. The popes always seems to call people to do good. Some are not as good as others doing that yet on many Christian chat sites they still insist that the anti Christ will be a pope. Really has me puzzled.Do Christians here believe the Anti Christ will be a pope ?


    • Ian Paisley and his ilk probably do, being violently anti Catholic, but it’s not scriptural imo. Although Rome was a popular candidate when persecuting Christians, and it was presumed the seven hills symbolised Rome, it appears more in biblical and historical context for Babylon to be city referred to, and the seven hills symbolic of seven kingdoms, five having fallen, one which was current, and one to come.


    • Wonderful thing the bible: it can be all things to all men.
      From time to time I make the case ~ purely from Bible references ~ that Jesus is the ‘Dragon’* that empowers the ‘Beast’ with 7 heads (Rev. 13.) which are usually seen as manifestations of Satan, but are arguably the major religions….. and which nonetheless sit around god on judgment day, etc.

      There are endless permutations and connotations. (The SECOND Beast ~ which gets its power from the first Beast ~ of course, symbolises the Second Coming. Where Jesus gets his recognition from the first time he stopped by.

      The spooky thing is that in Deuteronomy 13 (again 13! ~ coincidence?) we have god clearly describing the ‘antichrist’ (doer of miracles which come true and trying to lead jews away from their religion and the religion of their fathers!) for whom the jews must watch and kill. The description fits no-one as thoroughly as it does Jesus (who was, of course, killed by the jews: the sanhedrin knew their torah!) The blasphemy referred to in both Deuteronomy AND Revelation, needless to say, comprised of the advent of ‘christ’ blaspheming against the god of the jews ~ for which he was crucified, as god decreed.

      . So there we have Jesus as the antichrist, an assertion supported by Revelations, which has him (as the Dragon arising from the baptismal font) empowering (through baptism) the Beasts of Satan ( = the empowerment of the seven main churches ~ which would otherwise have NO power!), yet which hold sway on Judgment Day, sitting beside god’s throne which, we’re told, is the spot reserved for Jesus on the day. …And keep in mind what god’s creation clearly shows us: that the young lion (of Judah??) will always, eventually, challenge the old lion for his pride. Or should that be ‘Bride’??
      Even if they are Beastly old Sluts, “The Brides of Christ” has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

      If I were a Believer I’d be seriously worried’
      …….unless I thought Satan was set win the Final Battle (look around you!), in which case I could be reassured that I was on the winning side!

      It’s all there in the Word of God, for those of you who have eyes to see!

      * all you need to do is recognise the “sea” from which the Dragon issues as the water of the baptismal font.
      The Seven heads represent the seven major religions, and the ten horns the describe the schismatic denominations of the main three.
      All carried by the Dragon: Jesus.

      Sends a shiver up my spine!
      Good thing Monica’s not here! 😉


      • Well, whatever, I think we can rest assured the Pope is on the right side, if ‘by their works ye shall know them!’ 😆


      • Just read the Pope’s thoughts on the Antichrist. According to him the road to or of Chtist is of humility, abasement, service to others.

        So far so good.

        The road to or of the Antichrist, he says, is of sufficiency, vanity, pride and abstract thought.

        By sufficiency, does he mean self sufficiency, or does he mean what he says?

        You can’t even think about the whole thing without using abstract thought! 🙂


      • hehehehehe… “You can’t even think about the whole thing without using abstract thought!”

        Christians can; do it all the time.
        It’s called dogma…


      • Bryan :-We are unique .
        We ??
        What about every other collection of
        “SUPER STRINGS” ??
        “We” in your post with only man and the photo is a definitive giveaway humans are those you classify as “”WE””.
        A typical effort of raising man above all else in importance .
        When I look at the world I try and comprehend the space between the SUPER STRINGS ,the Plank length and that the dimension we are in is expanding faster.
        Meanwhile many are navel gassing and theorizing why humanity should outlast even the universe.


    • Bryan :-So you don’t think you are unique? Is anyone else exactly like you? Science and religion would both say no.
      I did answer .
      But because of the distorted view you have concocted some spin . :- So you don’t think you are unique?
      With the incredible number of variations of putting super strings together over such a time and places the only possible truly unique thing would be exact copy of just one sugar cube .

      Bryan :- Is any”one” else exactly like you?
      Of course it all revolves around man in your mind .

      Bryan :- Science and “”religion”” would both say no.
      Religion ??
      A small dominant group who by spin convince almost everyone they know better.


      • As for having any remarkable difference to every other construct of super strings in a universe that has the basis of difference {CHAOS THEORY} “NO” more than any other structure of any comparable quantity of super strings.
        One thing that would be unique in my view would be two or more objects identical sigh down to every super string and orientation.
        Finding such pieces would be astonishingly unique
        I don,t see myself as important thus I don,t have a MASSIVE CHIP ON THE SHOULDER to invent a escape of not existing again .
        A basis that your world is built upon ..


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