Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster granted permission to register as a religion



A “church” that “worships” an invisible flying spaghetti monster can now apply to be registered as an official religion in Poland, after a 2013 court ruling was overturned.

A Warsaw court rejected a ruling by the Regional Administrative Court because the it had not allowed the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) a two-month extension for submitting outstanding documents, Polskie Radio has reported.

A group of Pastafarians who gathered outside the court shouting “pasta” during the hearing tis week welcomed the ruling. Some wore colanders on their heads.

In January, Pastafarian minister Christopher Schaeffer was sworn into the Pomfret New York Town Council this week with a colander on his head throughout the ceremony to represent his unique religious beliefs.

As a movement, Pastafarianism parodies orthodox religion and opposes the teaching of creationism and intelligent design. For example, prayers end with the word ‘ramen’ instead of ‘amen’ – a nod to Japanese noodles.

According the FSM’s website, the church existed in secrecy until 2005 when the publication of a letter, complete with a drawing of the spaghetti monster that had been sent to a school board in Kansas.

The website insists Pastafarianism is a real religion.


7 thoughts on “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster granted permission to register as a religion

  1. Yeah –> “The website insists Pastafarianism is a real religion.”
    Just like the catholics, protestants, jews and moslems ~ among 50,000 others.
    (Mind you, y’don’t need a collander if you already have holes in your head.)


    • Or people looking for community, amongst like minded people. Like a church family’?

      The ten commandments are all about community. (Yes, I can already hear one objection. But …) 🙂


  2. Bryan these people are just putting forward a Parody on religion itself .
    Are you more concerned about religions [ institution run by men] rather than a belief that is between your two ears .
    These people are just making a joke of all religions in a very funny open manor .
    Complexly opposite to Hubbard very nasty cynical construct that dishes out with extra zing way past his death .
    Would would you prefer ??
    A open joke if you have manged to practice what you preach or someone who created a religion that really works


  3. Religion is about turning untested beliefs into unshakable “truth” through the power of institutions and the passage of time:-
    – Richard Dawkins.


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