Charity launches ‘f— the poor’ campaign

A controversial “f— the poor” campaign is urging Londoners to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to helping those less fortunate.

UK charity Pilion Trust sent a man into London’s CBD wearing a sign that read “f— the poor” and secretly filmed passersby’s reactions.

“You’re just standing there like an idiot,” fumed one woman.

“Is this a joke?” asked another.

The stunt even attracted the attention of police, with one officer pointing to the sandwich board and labelling it “offensive”.

But when the sign was flipped to read “help the poor”, the man was completely ignored.

Savvas Panas, the chief executive of the Pilion Trust, said the footage highlighted the discrepancy between people’s attitudes when confronted with an injustice and their apathy to do anything about it.

“As a charity that has been severely affected by the nationwide decrease in charitable donations (20 per cent) and government cuts (60 per cent). We understand that some may be shocked by this footage.

“We are more offended however, that people across the United Kingdom are living in adverse poverty.”

The campaign, created by PR company Publicis London, is being unveiled on YouTube today and will also run in cinemas.

Source: TNT Magazine


16 thoughts on “Charity launches ‘f— the poor’ campaign

  1. Not surprising. We all (?) want poverty to end, but know that the little we can do isn’t going to end the problem. All we can give is bandaid treatment. Of course bandaids are a necessary first step, blessing on Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc for supplying tons, but they can’t cure the problem.


    • The fallacy lies in that the ‘charities’, quite like the governments do NOT “supply” tons…or even ounces.

      All they do is act as middlemen; and like all middlemen, take their cut first.
      Even if that means there’s nothing left for the needy.
      In fact, you’ll sometimes see one of these institutions present an accounting marvel that shows they’re running at a loss, because receipts (donations) total less than liabilities (costs ~ arbitrarily decided by themselves) and pat themselves on the marvelous job they’re doing which is actually leaving them in the red.
      Joe Hockey ( nasty piece of work ~ I’ve spoken to him several times) is playing just such a game ~ on a monumental scale ~ even as we speak.

      Watch the poor get poorer, and their numbers grow like a god-inspired plague.
      And remember that YOU helped elect him; regardless of who you voted for. If you play the voting (and taxpaying) game you’re responsible.

      Though not strictly on-topic, I’ll repost a link some of you may have overlooked the other day. Quite brilliant! ~ shame it was only in a movie.


      • I thought the Red Cross was a bunch of idle society ladies, holding farewell afternoon teas for each other and spending donations on flowers for same. I found out differently when I became a volunteer organiser in their home library service, and my daughter became a volunteer train-the-trainer first aider with them. Having previously been a telephone help line counsellor I thought I could help also with their Telecross service, but found they had sufficient volunteers.

        Though none of this is about giving lots of ‘bandaid’ help, volunteers do get an inkling of the attitude of the whole organisation.


  2. You know, the phone often rings with various charities asking for donations. There are quite a few out there. Sometimes people ignore them, not because they don’t want to donate, but because they already have a few that they regularly donate to as well as at mass on Sundays.

    It can actually sometimes be too much.

    A family member recently wanted to make a regular donation to a particular charity, but he was told he couldn’t choose the amount and that it had to be direct debited. He couldn’t just decide to send donations direct. He wasn’t happy with this setup as some months he would be able to afford it and at other times he wouldn’t.

    Some charities can be very business-like (and I’m a greater believer in charity vs. govt).


    • But Kathleen, private charity has no hope of dealing out fairly to all deserving. With all its many faults, the government has the best chance. That’s my take, anyway.


      • Perhaps rather than thinking about “all deserving” Strewth, we might concentrate more on ‘a deserving’.
        If a ‘charity’ or the government hands a hungry kid a sandwich they reckon they’ve just spent (what’s the going price for a sandwich??) $3
        I could feed someone THREE decent sandwiches for the same price straight out of what’s in my kitchen right now, and more if I’d planned ahead.
        AND, I wouldn’t be taking half a sandwich back to compensate me for my time and sausage-slicing ‘work’.
        To quote somebody or other:- Think Globally ~ Act Locally.


      • ps…..and I wonder if, instead of the word “deserving” we shouldn’t be thinking more in terms of “needy”?

        There is a distinct difference.


      • Gosh Dabs,

        Can I come over for dinner? I’d love to check the contents of your fridge out. 😆


      • Sorry: just realised I stuffed that up.
        Ir should’ve read “Perhaps rather than thinking about “all deserving” Strewth, we might concentrate more on ‘NEEDY’.


      • Always welcome. Mon. BYO rubber gloves!…..I grow my own protein ….in the fridge! 🙂 Alcohol works as a good steriliser, if occasionally the growth gets out of hand!

        I don’t grow or shoot my own food any more; but do buy in bulk when the price is right. And the local supermarket sells fruit/veg on the use-by date at $2 for as much as you can fit into a shopping-bag….every day; nothing wrong with it, and I make up a bucket-full of boiled veges to supplement dogfood and help fill up a handful of neighbourhood dogs ~ and to try controlling the weight in mine.
        And I have a good deal with the local butcher, too; though mainly for the dogs ~ I don’t eat much meat these days.
        Ample fridge&freezer space is the key to it, and with oodles of solar-power it costs nothing to run them.
        You know I come from a peasant background at least as primitive as Malteasers, and have an inbuilt instinct about how to make things work for me, and waste next to nothing.

        But seriously:-
        might provide a solution for the world’s hungry; at least temporarily. We MUST stop breeding faster than a nuclear reactor.


  3. “As a charity that has been severely affected by the nationwide decrease in charitable donations (20 per cent) and government cuts (60 per cent). We understand that some may be shocked by this footage.”

    …at the same time that politician’s pay, superannuation and other and perks have risen by 45%, the Public Service bureaucracy has increased by around 80%, and the size of the police-force (not to mention the massive upgrading of its armoury, including tanks!) has nearly doubled,
    ……in order to protect the privileged position/pay of politicians and bureaucrats.

    Didn’t you (taxpaying to support it all) people learn ANYthing from Sir Humphrey Appleby?

    If you REALLY want to change the practice and principle (huh-??) of the way things are you’ve got to stop co-operating with the way things are.

    For myself, I’m currently fighting FOUR different court-cases (with a fifth threatened) by three different gangs of coppers…. all of them stemming from a single issue about a mistreated dog. So far the possible penalties add up to about 35 years in gaol and fines of about $30k.
    None of this is a worry ~ I could beat them all whilst standing on my head whistling Dixie (and have made a delighted friend of a magistrate in beginning the process, which he’d never thought he’d live to see..)

    The point is that they have all these coppers wasting endless resources (including court time/processes) playing a stupid and absolutely futile GAME; and one they know is unwinnable by them ~ particularly as I’ve exercised my option to take it to a higher court, which startled the buggery out of all of them ~ and delighted the magistrate! ~ no-one can remember when the ‘usual process’ has been undermined in such a way!* But the game goes on: it’s what they do for a living, like ants trudging along in a column over barren ground…..because that’s what ants do.
    And they expect me to hand over many $thousands to a defence-lawyer so’s I’ll have equal participation in the game. Spoke to a couple about the possibilities, but they weren’t interested in anything except playing the game too ~ and having me put $2k into their accounts (to start with) to be spent entirely at their discretion, and asking what sort of a negotiated deal I’d be willing to accept. I’d just be the football all the sleazebags are playing with. It’s the sort of arrangement that coerces the poor people you’re talking about into copping all sorts of bullshit ~ and NO justice…..but still at enormous cost to the gutless taxpayers who salve their consciences with the warm and fuzzy rationalisation that their taxes are going towards helping people.

    All up, the cost to the public purse if this plays out could conceiveably (counting appeals) be in the order of $5 million or thereabouts. Money that you dills hand over without a fight, which the needy will never see, and which will achieve nothing, even if I were to lose the lot.
    In reality, about the worst penalty might amount to a couple of grand in fines and a month’s ‘community-service’ or somesuch ~ with which I also wouldn’t co-operate. Some of these ‘New-Age’ (feminist-inspired) laws desperately need to be taken to the High Court…and I’m just in the bloody mood to do that.)

    But wait!! There’s more!! (sorry: no steak-knives)

    Interestingly ~ since I filed a formal complaint about unethical and unprofessional practices in higher quarters ~ the last few days have brought offers to drop the worst of the charges, etc. etc. if I co-operate. But I’ve decided to stop being defensive and go on the offensive.
    If, as probable, they drop the charges I’ll object, and not only file charges of ‘false imprisonment’, but sue for costs and damages as well. If they continue with them, I WILL beat them, and do likewise. The Law (and ‘justice’) ~ harbinger of ‘civilisation’ ~ can be a wonderful institution if only people would re-occupy it.

    Anyway, the point is still: the poor remain poor, the hungry hungry and the downtrodden downtrodden by Police-States supported by smug taxpayers who often complain about the state of the poor, hungry and downtrodden.
    … and/or that their footy team was robbed of victory last week.

    *There’s a funny story in all that: I refused to ‘conference’ with the prosecution, so they put me down near the bottom of the list at the mention-hearing, just for spite!. Despite coming prepared with thermos-coffee and sandwiches, I fell asleep mid-afternoon and didn’t hear my name called. Woke up because of the quietness, to find that everyone was going home and the coppers were on their way over to my house with an arrest-warrant ~ for not appearing.
    The arguments which resulted in the re-opening of the court degenerated into a shouting-match about politics and the law, the Constitutionally-required separation of power and a few other things, including whether my head would fit into a 9-inch pot. (It doesn’t! ~ fat ears.)

    ….But money’s made to be squandered, isn’t it?


      • Thanks Mon; but don’t be concerned. It’s a game I know well, and only wish I had enough time (years) left to ~ as Paul Keating put it:



  4. It’s all in the power of the language.

    Take suicide….. when ‘assisted suicide ‘ was pushed, it got nowhere. Then they started to call it ‘aid in dying’ and it’s approval rating went up 20 points and now it’s legal in 5 American states. Maybe they should call it ‘Early retirement’ and 10 more states would come on board. Of course, there’s always “Death by chocolate’ that would secure all 50 states. But seriously…

    The language … everything’s gone American military….

    “It’s on “my turf…” or it happened on “his watch” or a young girl starting in an office is a “recruit”
    Now drilling for oil … is “Energy exploration” or state tax is “Death tax” or poor people are “Takers”

    So … it makes perfect sense for Christians (like Gosford Anglican) to take the initiative and recognize the power of language.

    If it works …. it works. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…


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