Hitler may have unwittingly married a Jew

Hitler And Braun Pose For A Picture

ADOLF Hitler may have “unwittingly” married a Jewish woman when he wed his mistress, Eva Braun, hours before his death in 1945, at least according to a new documentary.

Braun is the focus of UK’s Channel 4 documentary titled “Dead Famous DNA,” in which DNA from the relics of famous historical figures is extracted and analyzed to help solve mysteries associated with them. A DNA analysis was conducted on hair samples from a brush monogrammed “E.B.” that was found at the end of World War II at Hitler’s Alpine residence by an American intelligence officer. The brush allegedly belonged to Braun and DNA analysis purportedly showed it “contained the hair of someone who could have had Jewish ancestry,” specifically Ashkenazi Jew ancestry, according to Channel 4.

80% of the world’s Jewish population is Ashkenazi, descended from medieval Jews who lived in central Europe, having first settled in The Rhineland. In the nineteenth century, many Ashkenazi Jews in Germany converted to Catholicism, so Eva Braun is highly unlikely to have known her ancestry and – despite research he instigated into Braun’s race – neither would Hitler.

The son of the American officer who found the brush sold it to a relics dealer after his father’s death. That dealer then sold the hair to a hair dealer. Channel 4 purchased eight strands for $2,000. The network attempted to prove the hair was from Braun by getting a DNA sample from two of her surviving female relatives, but the women refused.

Channel 4 came under fire last month after paying thousands of dollars for a lock of Hitler’s hair to Holocaust denier David Irving, the UK’s Mirror reported. The stunt was called “tawdry” and “disgusting.”

Still, this is not the first time Braun’s background has come into question.

Hitler met Braun in 1929 at the shop of his personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, according to Eva Braun: Life With Hitler by German historian Heike B. Görtemaker. She was 17 years old at the time; he was 40. “Hitler had her family investigated for Jewish taint,” the New York Times noted. She was determined to be of pure Aryan descent.

They married on April 29, 1945, in his Berlin bunker. On April 30, 1945, after hearing about the assassination of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Hitler and Braun committed suicide. Their bodies were burned.


7 thoughts on “Hitler may have unwittingly married a Jew

  1. Silly Boy!
    ….and here I always thought he was too intelligent to do something as stupid as getting married! 😉


  2. I thought he knew she was Jewish (just made an exception).

    An old friend (who I broke away from because of his bigotry) – just about sliced me up with his eyes when I was surprised to learn that he had a little Italian in his blood. It was something not to be mentioned. He was married to a close friend of mine at the time. Years later I saw him in church with his new wife as they were baptising their beautiful baby boy. Well, I looked at the garment the baby was wearing (full dress, very ethnic looking) and heard the mother-in-law speaking – Italian.

    This must have been his lesson in life. He looked incredibly happy and has obviously changed his mind about ‘wogs’.

    I’m going to get all psychological here and suggest that as his father was quite a negative influence in his life (the type that always put him down) – he needed someone else to pick on, like a bullied kid becomes a bully type of thing.

    Didn’t Hitler also have a rough background? ( I’m not excusing the extent of his atrocities)


    • No doubt there are all sorts of factors involved in shaping each of us Kathleen, including an almost universal detestation of jews (particularly throughout europe, where it’s been built into the ‘culture’ for centuries).

      But Schirer (THE ‘authority’ ) made a fair bit of Hitler’s idealism and patriotism, which he, Hitler, later saw as being betrayed by jews and other human garbage.

      It’s not touted around that our Adolph was a genuine war-hero in WW1, receiving the Iron Cross Class First Class and Iron Cross Second Class: quite an achievement from the old aristocratic Prussian Army.
      The First Class Iron cross was usually reserved for higher ranks ~ and those with good breeding ~ not some riff-raff from the provinces.
      (Another genuine hero ~ admired and respected by even his enemies, and a close friend of Hitler’s was Rommel. http://ww2d/person_bio.php?person_id=4 )

      During one daring exploit, though details are sparse, Hitler was apparently injured and, worse, gassed ~ with the prospect of permanently losing his eyesight. Hard though it was he accepted this as a personal sacrifice for the victory of the fatherland ~ but shortly afterward was told that germany had lost the war due to the (famous/infamous) “Stab in the Back” it suffered from jewish factory-owners/financiers, communists and other traitors.

      Right wrong or otherwise it’s those experiences ~ much more than his upbringing ~ that shaped what may be described as the fundy evangelist we all know and love…..to hate

      If people can get past their prejudices it all makes fascinating reading. http://www.firstworldwar.com/features/aslowfuse.htm

      And consider: were the british/french/russian/etc. governments and generals who sent a million men at a time to the most gruesome murder-sprees and deaths any more monstrous than that bashful austrian aspiring artist?

      As stated:- there are all sorts of factors involved in shaping each of us.
      And often they’re instilled by our ‘elders and betters’.
      Anarchy is the ONLY justifiable position.

      (curiosity:- The ‘Iron Cross’ had its origins in 13th-century religious connotations.
      So did the swastika.


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