Woman dead for six years found only after money ran out

WHAT does this say about modern life?

For six years the bills were paid, the grass was cut and no one noticed the body of the dead woman sitting in the back seat of a car in a garage of a residential Pontiac, Michigan neighborhood.

Her mummified body was finally found this week by someone dispatched to check on the property that fell into foreclosure after the money ran out of her account and the mortgage payments stopped, police said.

The woman has not yet been positively identified, but it is thought she is a person who stopped working in 2008 and had set up all of her bills to be paid automatically from her bank account.

She is also thought to have worked as a contractor in the financial department for a major automobile company.

A neighbour cut her lawn, her mail was sent to the post office and there was no family living nearby.

“Nobody came over there to check on the lady. It’s weird. And it’s actually scary,” a neighbour who wished to remain anonymous told the local TV station.

(from Reuters)


10 thoughts on “Woman dead for six years found only after money ran out

  1. Sad that no friends or family bothered with her in ordinary everyday life. I can’t see the sorrow in dying alone. I have long thought I wouldn’t want others around me when making this great transition.


    • Yeah Strewth,
      I feel much the same there. I dont mind the thought of dying alone, so long as I had had close contact with the important folk in my life a little bit beforehand. Would just love to have been able to have a long profound talk about the meaning of things with some wise person I respect beforehand as well. But at the time of dying (so long as my mind is still fairly clear) no, I would be happy to pass over alone. (What terror can there be in returning to the place from whence I came? – Lucian.)


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