Which nation consumes more wine per capita than any other?

IT’S the Vatican!
Tiny Vatican City consumes more wine per capita than any other country in the world, according to information from the California-based Wine Institute. According to the Wine Institute’s latest statistics, the Vatican consumed 74 litres of wine per person, around double the per-capita consumption of Italy as a whole.
And while some of that consumption is clearly related to ceremonial Communion wine, Italian press reports say it’s more likely because Vatican residents are older (the lack of children are figured into the statistics), are overwhelmingly male, are highly educated and tend to eat communally — all factors that tend to lead toward higher wine consumption.
Another factor: the Vatican’s small size that makes it easy for per-capita figures to be distorted by the activities of a small group, or in the case of the Vatican, a single supermarket that sells wines almost tax-free.
Luxembourg, another small country — though with a population of 535,000 that’s many times larger than the Vatican’s estimated population of 800 — is No. 2 on the list, with a per capita consumption of around 56 litres per year.
Among big countries, France and Italy lead the way, each with little more than half the per-capita consumption of the Holy See.
Norfolk Island, in Australia, gets high on the list with 54.50 litres per person


5 thoughts on “Which nation consumes more wine per capita than any other?

    • davinci,
      I checked in my Crudens Concordance and found this sentence, which modifies considerably what you say there.
      ‘the use of wine was forbidden to the priests during all the time they were in the tabernacle and employed in the service of the altar.’

      Of course, any Jewish males who had taken the vows of the Nazarite, were forbidden any alcohol for the whole period of their lifetimes.
      Cheers, Rian.


  1. When God forbade alcohol to the Jewish priesthood, the reason was because it impaired one’s ability to distinguish between holy and unholy matters. Given the RC church’s handling of paedophiles among its priesthood, it is not hard to see where they get some of their impairment.
    If the head is impaired what can you expect of the rank and file?


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