How the world may look in a couple of hundred years


Global sea levels have risen about eight inches since 1880, and scientists predict they could rise two to seven feet more by 2100, explains Climate Central. If global warming trends continue, even greater rates of sea level rise are possible in the coming centuries.

Martin Vargic, an amateur graphic designer from Slovakia, designed this map that depicts a world after 260 feet of sea level rise. There are some interesting changes mooted. Check out the full map at


One thought on “How the world may look in a couple of hundred years


    Some short videos addressing a few theories:

    1. Climate Change is Caused by the Sun.

    2. 32,000 Leading Scientists Signed a Petition Against the Prevailing Consensus on Climate Change.

    3. In the 70s, They said there’d be an Ice Age.

    4. The Great Global Warming Swindle Documentary Exposed the Phony Global Warming Scam.

    5. Climate-Gate: The Stolen CRU Emails “Prove” (Insert Lie/Fable).

    6. “They” Started Calling it “Climate Change” to Hide the Cooling.

    7. Other Planets Are Warming and that Proves Climate Change is Caused by the Sun.

    8. CO2 is a Natural By-Product of Nature and Shouldn’t be Considered Pollution.

    9. Al Gore Invented Global Warming in 2006 to get rich, and if you think Global Warming is caused by humans, you’re in love with Al Gore.

    10. Prominent Climate Scientists Even Admit the Earth is Now Actually Cooling.

    11. The Quantity of C02 Being Emitted by Humans Is Too Small To Have an Impact on the Climate.

    12. It’s Cold Outside. So Global Warming Must Not Be Happening.

    13. The Data is Unreliable. The heat from cities is altering measurement data.

    14. For the Last 16 Years the Climate Has Actually Been Cooling.

    15. The Medieval Warm Period Proves Recent Climate Change is Natural.
    And related: Modern Climate Change is Part of a Natural 1500 Year Cycle.

    There’s also a response to a theory that global warming was invented by the New World Order.


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