Are you crazy enough?

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen

THE American Crow Indians would sometimes indulge in what they called “crazy dog’’ activities to rescue their lives from spiritual ruts.
The whole tribe would purposefully eat dinner for breakfast, wear their clothes inside-out or bash pots and pans all night.
Being a crazy dog meant being willing to be seen as foolish, weak or strange – for the sake of others and for their own sense of well-being.
There’s a profound meaning to all this. Sometimes we can only see truth by turning our world upside down.

To be faithful is to be open to the preposterous; to run against the ways of our world and look foolish while dancing, at least sometimes, to the music of Heaven.
Writer Cynthia Heimel advised: “When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap.’’
Life is a paradox and some of the greatest truths are revealed to those who believe the seemingly foolish notions that the first are last, the greatest are the least, the strong are the weak, and the meek win it all in the end


16 thoughts on “Are you crazy enough?

  1. ” The difference between Abrahamic religions: CHRISTIANITY: mumbles to the ceiling
    JUDIASM: mumbles to the wall
    ISLAM: mumbles to the floor ”
    Bill Maher


  2. My father rarely laughed aloud. We knew he was really amused, happy, enjoying himself, by his ears. We used to say ‘Dad’s ears are grinning.’

    I do wish I didn’t take after him in this regard, this inability to show the inner joy.

    Same with singing. I have left instructions for my funeral that “How can I keep from singing?” will be sung, but I had to add the explanation (as I’m not normally heard bursting into song) that I spend a lot of time singing on the inside!


    • Well as long as you sing on the inside Strewth, that’s all that matters.

      You’d be aghast sitting next to me through an episode of So You Think you Can Dance! I jump, cry, laugh, squeal, cheer and give standing ovations – all in the confines of my t.v. room 🙂


  3. Crazy? Here’s crazy…. trying to ‘discourage’ or make refugees feel unwelcome and at the same time being humane. It’s a contradiction in terms. It’s impossible, it’s stupid. But they still keep on doing it. What do you intend telling your grandchildren what happened during this period? You didn’t know? No good voting labor … they’re just as bad. ” What happened grandpa? ” They’ll say … “Were you all really that stupid? Even the Pope spoke out… and you did nothing? Have you listened to what the governments actually said? You didn’t think this would become factual history? Did you care what Amnesty and other humane societies were saying about Australia around the world? ….” And on and on.

    There’s no pride in feeling no shame.

    Boat people… refugees…. illegal immigrants… people smuggling clients… illegal detainees…

    So …. what do YOU call them?

    Well… Gosford Anglican Church calls them legal refugees … and the government murderers….

    But what the hell would they know?

    They’re only Christians….


    • When both major parties take this line, it makes me think it must be because the average Aussie wants them to. One of the few circumstances that makes me feel despair. 😦

      But the White Australia policy had majority support too. Despite that, both sides of politics took action to dismantle it, so lets hope.


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