Women found to tilt head more than men in selfies


WOMEN who take selfies tilt their heads 150 percent more than men when they snap a photo for social media, a new study claims.

SelfieCity, a study led by media theorists at the City University of New York, compared photos taken from five cities across the world to develop a “theory of selfies”.

The 3200 photos used in the study were taken from Instagram over nine days during December.

Self-portraits were divided evenly between New York, Moscow, Berlin, Bangkok and Sao Paulo.

The project found that women are more likely to strike extreme poses, including head tilts, when they take selfies.

Significantly more women post self-portraits in all five cities with 82 percent in Moscow, 65 percent in Sao Paulo and 62 percent in New York.

There are “lots of smiling faces in Bangkok (06.8 average smile score) and Sao Paulo (0.64). People taking selfies in Moscow smile the least (only 0.53 on the smile score scale)”.


4 thoughts on “Women found to tilt head more than men in selfies

  1. Trying to look coquettish?

    If I’m listening to someone intently, I’ve noticed I may tilt my head sideways and I think that people do that to better hear.


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