Michelangelo recreated with marshmallows


AN artist made a life-sized replica of Michelangelo’s artwork in the Sistine Chapel which is made entirely out of cake and contains 10,000 marshmallows.

The replica of The Creation of Adam also features half a billion cake sprinkles and took 168 hours to complete.

The 18ft 9ins by 9ft 2ins artwork – which was created to mark the 450th anniversary of Michelangelo’s death today – has been dubbed ‘The Baking of Adam’.


6 thoughts on “Michelangelo recreated with marshmallows

    • You can’t call sugar sprinkles and marshmallows food though, can you Dom? Very clever though, and her drawing is certainly a work of art.

      A friend once asked me to do her salads for parties because she thought my salads were so creative, lol! But that was a long time ago. 🙂


    • But Dom, you should see how the muslims in our area treat food parcels given to them. They come to charities looking for food parcels and then chuck out food that is not ‘Halal’, or that is suspected of not being ‘Halal’. Many of the food items thrown about are items that vegetarians and vegans would eat. So we’ve asked the local muslim fruit and vegetable vendors to provide us with ‘Halal’ type products, (or distribute ‘Halal’ type items themselves). They did not do this. So it is kinda hypocritical for a muslim to comment on what constitutes a waste of food, when muslims habitually reject non ‘halal’ food especially that considered food items by vegetarians


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