An earthquake in Shroud of Turin story

LITERALLY!!! New research claims that a tremor in Jerusalem around the time Jesus died (mentioned in the New Testament) released neutron emissions that could have created the famous image, and also messed with radiocarbon levels — and hence affected Carbon-14 testing that indicated the shroud was a medieval forgery.

The group of scientists, led by Alberto Carpinteri of the Politecnico di Torino in Italy, suspect high-frequency pressure waves generated in the Earth’s crust during this earthquake could have produced significant neutron emissions. (They simulated this by crushing very brittle rock specimens under a press machine.)

These neutron emissions could have interacted directly with nitrogen atoms in the linen fibers, inducing chemical reactions that created the distinctive face image on the shroud, the scientists say. The reactions also could have led to “a wrong radiocarbon dating”.

Read more in Live Science


35 thoughts on “An earthquake in Shroud of Turin story

  1. Except the face on the shroud is the wrong ethnicity. I forget where I read that it could be the shroud of Jacques Demolay, leader of the Knights Templar.


  2. hmmm. Always interesting.
    …and even more interesting is the dramatic shift in the christian litany that has never accepted radio-carbon dating, which can stipulate that the earth was already in the second-half of its lifecycle by the time god got around to creating it.

    Were I a christian apologist I’d abandon the Shroud as a phony and let the issue of dating wither away.
    However, at the risk of further shaking the foundations of Faith, here’s a site I came upon accidentally. It leads into all sorts of curious corners.


  3. But come to think of it, it could indeed be Jesus’ face: it’s remarkably like the photo of that other rabbi that I posted the other day.
    Very jewish! 🙂


      • He did look like Rasputin, didn’t he?
        But no ~ doesn’t look like me. (see my note to Bryan, who apparently can’t tell my arse from my elbow.. 🙂


      • ……and anyway, I’d rather be shown the clothes he wore AFTER the resurrection.
        ……..the DNA would be fascinating!


      • …..and very identifiable as, racially, jewish.

        Which raises the question:- where did he get his y-chromosone from?
        Gawd modern science can be a nuisance, can’t it?
        That might be why the devout irish don’t bother with it.
        D’you think? 🙂


  4. MMM
    and hence affected “””Carbon-14″”” testing that indicated the shroud was a medieval forgery.
    And “””MMMMM ”
    Pardon !!!
    Are those the same “””Carbon-14″”” testing methods that provide the evidence this planet has been around for 4,700,000,000 years ?
    Are those the same “””Carbon-14″”” testing methods that the creationists claim is utter crap and is nothing but a scam set up to test their belief ??

    O look a knife that cuts only one way !!


      • How is it that religions can pick and chose when to use OR ignore true “SCIENCE ” that is published in the major science publications .
        That mystical knife that only cuts one way.
        This story is a perfect example .

        Demonstrating the ability of some to ignore true science on the premise they believe they are so important the maths and physics of the entire universe are twisted or broken just to impress them .
        “”WOW “” That must be the ultimate delusion of grandeur.


      • How is it that atheist thinking can pick and chose when to use OR ignore true “SCIENCE ” that is published in the major science publications?.You seemed to have ignored the science and got the facts wrong the first time you posted on this. Glad you actually bothered to read it and got a clearer picture.


      • Are those the same “””Carbon-14″”” testing methods that the creationists claim is utter crap and is nothing but a scam set up to test their belief ??
        So those creationist who claim the entire universe is 6,000 years old are what ??
        I have no trouble in describing those who truly believe they are so important the entire universe was made just to impress them .
        So why is that view invalid when carbon dating is a major part of this spin from a believer .
        After all this time you would expect some continuity in the story.


      • No No, No. You are tilting at windmills again. Carbon dating obviously has its problems…every scientist will attest to that. And you’re not a scientist. There are many Christians who find no problem in believing in macro evolution and creation. Another point you choose to ignore. This report in a science forum points out that there are factors that can skew the carbon dating process. Something you also choose to ignore.


  5. Could you imagine the types of aircraft that could “FLY ” if you could chose what sciences such as materials properties,Gravity, drag ratios and chemistry you could ignore .
    That would be fantastic to ignore reality and get away with it .


    • the shroud was a medieval forgery.

      How do YOU know? The latest evidence suggests it might not be.

      It all comes down to money and the more gullible the greater the profit .

      That makes little sense. I think most Christians really don’t really care whether he shroud is real or fake. It doesn’t prove anything either way. And no-one pays money to see it anyway. You can view it for free.


      • Well the producers of it did it for what reason ?
        There are only two choices . For money or stir .
        Money will be the probable first choice but with a considerable amount of stir .


      • Hi Bryan,

        “The latest evidence suggests it might not be.”

        The shroud may be indeed be genuine but if by the “latest evidence” you mean the article you posted then you may be clutching at straws.


      • From the article you linked

        Even if it is theoretically possible for earthquake-generated neutrons to have caused this kind of reaction, the study doesn’t address why this effect hasn’t been seen elsewhere in the archaeological record, Gordon Cook, a professor of environmental geochemistry at the University of Glasgow, explained.

        “It would have to be a really local effect not to be measurable elsewhere,” Cook told Live Science. “People have been measuring materials of that age for decades now and nobody has ever encountered this.”

        Christopher Ramsey, director of the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, had a similar issue with the findings.

        “One question that would need to be addressed is why the material here is affected, but other archaeological and geological material in the ground is not,” Ramsey wrote in an email. “There are huge numbers of radiocarbon dates from the region for much older archaeological material, which certainly don’t show this type of intense in-situ radiocarbon production (and they would be much more sensitive to any such effects).”

        Ramsey added that using radiocarbon dating to study objects from seismically active regions, such as regions like Japan, generally has not been problematic.

        It seems unlikely that the new study, published in the journal Meccanica, will settle any of the long-standing disputes about how and when the cloth was made, which depend largely on faith.

        “If you want to believe in the Shroud of Turin, you believe in it,” Cook said.



      • Is it – how would you falsify it. Hypothesis maybe but they’ve got a long way to go. Still I suppose it beats the contamination “theory” that was around a few years ago, or the medieval repair patch “theory” before that…..


      • “Creationists make it sound as though a ‘theory’ is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night.”
        ― Isaac Asimov


  6. Bryan :-There are many Christians who find no problem in believing in macro evolution and creation .
    Yet Bryan there are so so many who really believe this universe was made just to impress man .
    Are you one of them ???
    If not why after all that was the original belief of those back a thousand years .


      • Yet you and many many others believe that the basic fundamentals of this universe are broken to impress a few neurons that only exist for a trillionth of a trillionth of time in the existence of this universe.

        As for this story it is just people clutching at straws .
        Quite simply if earthquakes delivered that number of sub-atomic particles then all the medical equipment that detects those particles would be worthless .
        The only case I would have thought that would deliver such numbers of sub-atomic particles that could leave evidence in fabric was Chernobyl .
        The men could view the skeletons of the men standing between them and the reactor.


      • Furthermore every religion for the past 10,000 years has their own claim of miracle ,from sun worshiping to the cargo belief of the PNG people many religions having human sacrifices .
        All have one thing in common they have man as being very very very important in the universe .


      • As God’s creations, we are important and significant. Your identity is NOT found in what you do. (your job, your profession) Your identity is not found in what you own. Your identity is given to you by your creator!!


  7. The bible indicates there were strips of linen and a cloth wrapped around the head. I don’t know why this shroud speculation continue ?


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