Thinking outside the box

TO think outside the box, we have to get out of the box.

We have to realise that on a street corner, our decision to turn right or left might lead us to a person or situation that could change our lives forever.

“Lots of turns behind me and lots ahead of me.’’ observed George Bernard Shaw in his 50s.
“My life, I feel, often has changed on a whim.’’
Shaw said the only man who really understood him was his tailor.
“He takes my measurements anew every time he sees me,’’ said Shaw.
“The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.’’

Change seems to be the only consistent thing in our lives.
As the Buddha said, “all that is subject to arising is also subject to cessation’’.

Or it should be. A friend said he’d heard a preacher boast he’d not changed his mind about anything theological for 40 years. He obviously hadn’t learned much in four decades.

Writer William James said we might exist in the universe as dogs and cats are in libraries, seeing the books and hearing the conversation, but having little inkling of the meaning of it all. Until life’s experiences change and teach us.

G.K. Chesterton’s theory was that if we are not taking risks, we are not going anywhere.
Reasonable people, he said, adapted themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempted to adapt the world to themselves. Progress depended on unreasonable people.


17 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box

      • I’m not commenting on morality; but that companies like google (and most other institutions these days: I received a card explaining THEIR use of MY personal information in the mail this morning ~ scary shit,,,,IF one bothers to read it) are herding people INTO boxes, both subtly and coercively, and in that way permeating our entire lives , including what and how we think and the language we use.

        The spread of facebook is a good example of that,, and it’s bad news all round.


      • PS. Did you ever actually read ‘1984’ ? Most people find it too depressing after the first chapter, and so it is. But still most worthwhile reading.


      • Certainly we are:- “I reckon we’re all in one box or another. You can’t see yours?”
        …..and I suspect they’re impossible to avoid entirely. But the problem seems to be that people either LIKE being ‘guided’ and not having to think, or the process is so subtle and lengthy that they just don’t realise what’s happening; or else just don’t care because they’re too tired, stressed and (deliberately) distracted to bother.

        No doubt we are all influenced by the box-builders (and sometimes the boxes are even useful) but I go to a lot of trouble to avoid being trapped in that space.

        Just the other day I was given the police brief on an upcoming court appearance, and among other errors and failures of their data-bank was the comment that I was not known by another other names! 😯 I do know enough about IT to be able to totally confuse computer-systems!:- Shit in, Shit out…and the computer couldn’t care less. IT processes; I think.
        Getting harder to keep track though: the box gets more and more complicated just at the time my braincells are disappearing.

        But it goes to show that my random and consistent use of aliases, whether actually called-for or not ~ in EVERYTHING ~ is effective in avoiding the box-builders.

        The ambition is to have my heart-attack about 30 seconds before the shit hits the fan! 🙂


  1. Stepping outside our comfort zone is scary. I guess I’ve stepped out of one box, and after feeling the loss for a while, found I was really in another, larger, and I have to say I feel very comfortable in it – it’s full of fresh air, freedom, and purpose in life.

    Knowing that I was meant to move, I’ll be happy to do it again when required!


  2. I ‘ve noticed many people have a ‘Biblical basis’ for everything so there’s no point really. They need to think ‘outside the book’ as well as outside the box.


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