Just another strange week

AND in latest news…

Saudi Arabia’s king has criminalized the joining of “radical religious and intellectual groups.”

Iran has executed a poet for “waging war on God.”

Thailand prepared to arrest and possibly defrock a senior Buddhist monk for leading anti-government protests.

Uzbekistan handed a massive fine to a local hotel employee found with a Muslim prayer mat.

Israel’s High Court suspended stipends to ultra-Orthodox students who refuse military service


28 thoughts on “Just another strange week

  1. WOW!!! ~ “Iran has executed a poet for “waging war on God.” ”
    Must be a worse crime than ‘rape’ and ‘bankrobbery’ hey??

    Y’don’t get executed for either of those.

    Soooo.. do YOU think waging war on god should be a crime?? 🙂


  2. Saudi Arabia’s king has criminalized the joining of “radical religious and intellectual groups.”

    I thought the West did that a decade ago ?


  3. …..and it looks like the mass-murdering Ariel Sharon is going to be hung in the ‘Hall of Heroes’, or whatever it’s called, in Canberra, according to this morning’s Parliamentary Session.


      • You might want to reconsider:-
        Not only is it a fascinating bit of art composition, perfectly balanced!,
        but are you sure you want to cheese off its mother ~ which must be about twice the size of a T-Rex?
        ….albeit bandy-legged. 😯


      • Oh no! I’ve just found out that’s the egg on Salvadore Dali’s roof. Good grief, I used to love Salvadore Dali’s art. I still do! What’s the matter with me? Obviously losing my sense of awe……or something. I thought someone superimposed the egg on a photo of a roof but now that I know it’s Salvadore Dali, well then, gee I’m fickle! Sorry Bryan. Sorry Dabs—I know you absolutely love it.

        And yet, I love this photo/angle. Go figure.


      • Just goes to show, Mon:- we should always get the full picture.
        The image in your link below isn’t ~ in my view ~ nearly as brilliant as the ‘cut’ of it Bryan’s been using.
        The ‘balance’ (of the whole composition, not just the egg) has been pretty-well destroyed.
        (and I speak as one who used to actually make money from ‘oils-on-canvas’, and even had a few hung!)


      • Yep, we’re all different Dabs.

        My eyes are directed to the beautiful view in my version, and not at the stupid egg. I have a weather rooster on my roof and I like my rooster much better than Dali’s egg. That’s the difference between you arty types and me, I guess.

        These days I consider God’s canvass the ultimate work of art. I’ve changed.


      • You’re right. But I didn’t mean to imply ‘artiness’, just that you learn a lot of basics as you go.

        One of the things I learnt was that people were willing to pay more for a painting the more well-balanced all the components were. It’s not a calculated thing, just a ‘sense’ that everybody has to some degree or other, and even if one is unaware of it it does influence many other things.
        Including generosity.
        (Women very obviously lack it when they try to throw a ball or spear, or even a dinner plate!.)


    • Thanks Sis,

      I thought that two days ago, but bit my tongue. I think it’s one of those stinky Chinese eggs by now. Have you ever tasted one? They look disgusting. 😆


    • Yes Dabs,

      You are right.

      You know, it’s been a long time since I stopped to smell the roses, or looked at art just for the sheer enjoyment of it all. I actually took art and photography courses when I was a youngster and loved them. I get way too serious, and it’s not good for me. Thanks for the wake-up call. Love you.


      • Good to hear Mon.
        Maybe the worst part of getting too serious is the wastefulness.
        It doesn’t achieve anything.


  4. And here’s a perfect one for Strange Week:-
    Caught a news segment tonight featuring a slick-looking sicilian lawyer (in Sydney) with greasy hair and shifty eyes whose name was Don Maffia.
    Didn’t believe it, googled it.


  5. Love it Bryan.

    Yep—TRUST—that’s a powerful word. Trust is something that doesn’t come easy to me.

    Thank you. You’ve got me thinking about my trust in the Lord, and I see that there’s room for improvement.


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