Man ‘buried’ riding his motorcycle: PHOTO


Now this is bizarre!!

An Ohio man’s family is fulfilling his dying wish — to be buried astride his beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycle encased in a see-through casket.

The project required an extra-large cemetery plot to accommodate a Plexiglas casket for Billy Standley and his hulking custom-painted 1967 Electra Glide cruiser. Five embalmers worked to prepare his body with a metal back brace and straps to ensure he’ll never lose his seat.

Standley’s family said he’d been talking about it for years and liked to take people to the garage to show off the unusual casket his two sons had built for him. He told people he didn’t just want to ride off to heaven, he wanted the world to see him do it in the big see-through box.

“He was a quirky man,” daughter Dorothy Brown said.

Standley died of cancer at age 82. He was to be buried this week.


7 thoughts on “Man ‘buried’ riding his motorcycle: PHOTO

    • Or put him in a museum instead. It seems a shame to bury him. He’s a work of art now, isn’t he? And much prettier than the Egyptian mummies I’ve seen on display, not to mention the bike he’s sitting on is worth checking out.


    • “In terms of pure work-manship, personally I don’t like Harleys. I ride them because I’m in the club, and that’s the image, but if I could I would seriously consider riding a Honda ST1100 or a BMW. ”

      Sonny Barger – a founding member of the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.


      • They’re not motorbikes!……They’re cut-down and tarted-up VDubs; sound like it and handle accordingly.
        Best bike ever was the XS650 Yammy. ( but I weighed 75 kg back then. 😦 )
        A favourite among the fair-dinkum bikies back then, too. With a little tweaking it’d accelerate smoothly from 100 mph, (that’s 160kmh, kiddies!), rapping out 8000 revs up an incline of 30degrees. (Black’s Spur or the Melba Highway or Mt Dandenong Tourist Road.)….and handle like a skateboard.



  1. PS
    ….so much push that my mate Darkie ~ a bikie among bikies and one of Nature’s Gentlemen, lost his girlfriend off the pillion coming up to the Devil’s Elbow one afternoon and didn’t even realise it until he got home, asked her to get him a beer and noticed she wasn’t there.
    She’d been perched up behind him with several bagsful of groceries (and the beer) hanging off each outstretched arm when they came to the very steep bit just before the Devil’s Elbow (on the Tourist Road). So naturally (given the extra weight on the back) he drops a cog and gives it a boot in the ribs. Seems what-ever-her-name-was just slipped off the back.
    By the time he got back to her she was still sat in the middle of the road with the bags on her arms, and fuming even more than the long line of cars being held up.
    Gave him hell for a couple of days, but they patched it up.

    …..tell you about his dog Axle, another time.


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