The Beatle’s last show video

IT was 45 years ago today, that London lunch-goers were treated to an unexpected Beatles concert. That remarkable event in 1969 was made all the more memorable because it was the band’s last show together.

The 42-minute set took place on the roof of 3 Savile Row, the five-story headquarters of the Beatles’s record company Apple. As pedestrians and neighbors figured out what was happening, word spread. Soon, crowds filled the street and nearby rooftops.

Metropolitan Police eventually made their way up the building to shut down the show. After nine takes of five songs, the Beatles wrapped the impromptu performance with Paul McCartney improvising the lyrics of “Get Back” to reflect the situation, singing, “you’ve been playing on the roofs again, and you know your Momma doesn’t like it, she’s gonna have you arrested!”

The whole scene, from the roof to the street, was captured by a camera crew for the 1970 documentary, Let It Be. The Beatles officially separated the following year.

Here’s a clip:


6 thoughts on “The Beatle’s last show video

    • have to confess I was never a mad fan of the Beatles. Reminds me, when I go shopping for fruit this time of the year, I find myself humming –

      ‘We all live in a yellow Nectarine’. My brain does funny things.



  1. So for their last performance together they wanted to ‘shout it from the rooftops’ and just freely share their gift. The best.


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