New Yok Times censors pigs


PIGS were the target of censorship in The International New York Times on Wednesday.

KHL Printing Co., which prints the newspaper in Malaysia, blacked out the faces of pigs in two photos accompanying an article.

An employee told the AFP news agency that the company was merely following standard protocol in Malaysia, where Islam — which considers pigs unclean — is prevalent. “This is a Muslim country, so we covered the pigs’ eyes,” he said. He added that images of “cigarettes, weapons, guns and nude pictures” in The International New York Times also get censored.

The company noted that the government did not order it to edit the photos

The edits were ridiculed by many Malaysians in letters, emails and tweets..


10 thoughts on “New Yok Times censors pigs

  1. They do the same to their women….makes you wonder what they think of them.
    Quite a lot of men, too, come to think of it….Though I suppose it’s got something to do with keeping the bombs dry…….
    Weirdest species ever to walk the face of the earth, homosaps.


      • Yep! Standing for the seat of Blerko, in Canberra 🙂
        Can’t wait to get my snout in the trough; would irritate the buggery out of Centrelink!


      • Snout in the trough? Don’t be absurd. That would never happen.

        Have you heard of Pyramid Schemes?


      • Pyramid schemes??!
        Of course I have.
        It’s where the ATO and Centrelink get into bed together and do rude things…
        ……to the rest of us! 🙂


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