De-stressing with Pillow fighting

THIS bloke encourages de-stressing pillow fights with strangers. It doesn’t always work out well.


6 thoughts on “De-stressing with Pillow fighting

  1. I repeat: coppers are the same in every corner of Time and Geography.
    Humourless, brainless bullies with licence to kill their own people.

    The kid may have been lucky he wasn’t shot for assaulting police.
    What psychosis motivates people generally accept and even support such psychopaths?


      • I take your point, Strewth, but keep in mind that no such diversionary ‘thought’ occurred to all the ‘normal’ people accosted with a pillow.

        And in any case, if there had been a ‘real crime’ taking place, how dopey would one have to be to focus their attention on handcuffing/arresting the ‘Pillow-Bandit’ instead of looking around for a ‘real’ criminal?

        (Not that molesting ~ or even threatening to molest ~ a law-enforcement officer with a pillow isn’t in fact a ‘real crime’….or several! )


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