See how this ’10-year-old’ caught 1000 sex predators


A 10-week online sting found sex predators using the help of someone named “Sweetie.”
Over the course of 2 months, a Dutch organisation says Sweetie (whom they created) helped identify over one thousand adults in 71 different countries who were attempting to pay children in developing countries to perform sexual acts over a webcam


12 thoughts on “See how this ’10-year-old’ caught 1000 sex predators

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  2. Some enterprising IT-smart chappie should start a business identifying these vermin and selling hunting licences to eradicate them….even if they are created in god’s image.

    ….oh wait; not allowed to say ‘vermin’ am I?


  3. Once at a swimming pool I saw a little girl, may be 4 or 5, give her male swimming instructor such a beautiful heart stopping smile I felt I wanted to sweep her up in my arms and cuddle her, even though the smile wasn’t aimed at me. He got the full force of it. I saw he did the only thing he could to resist it. He turned immediately and swam away as fast as he could, up the length of the pool and back, by which time he’d recovered his equanamity and continued with the lesson.

    I don’t know what forces are working on these child porn predators, but they could be stronger than we realise. There must be a way to get them to WANT to swim away.


    • Another time, when I was on night time duty on phone counselling, a father rang in. His wife had died some months ago and he was bringing up the young daughter. He told of fighting the desire to have sex with her, and wanted help.

      Dabbles, how would you have handled that? No, it’s not fair to ask that. Sorry.


      • Never hurts to ask a genuine question.
        Don’t know offhand: but a genuine plea for help ~ before the event ~ should be respected, I guess….since there ARE treatments available for those willing to undergo them.


    • Generally not, in my experience. Quite the reverse.
      But I’m not clear about the swimming-instructor’s motivation. Was he really a tamperer who was fighting the urge, or was he just a bloke who was so taken with the child that ~ like you ~ he was tempted to give her a hug…and even a kiss on the cheek perhaps.
      ….and knew quite well that in today’s world he’d be dead meat if he did.

      It’s a real dilemma. Just recently a good friend of mine ~ who knows me well and a ferocious defender of animals ~ was driving 10km each way to get her 8-yo grandson minded by a scatty female friend for a few hours a day during school holidays. A beaut kid in every respect, and a brain that will make history one day (and which he uses to drive his grandma to distraction!)…and one I’d jokingly offered to adopt any time my friend couldn’t cope.
      On this occasion she was flustered with all kinds of work-related and other pressures, including time constraints. So without a minute’s thought I suggested she just drop the boy off at my place, since it was on her way.

      Got an immediate, automatic NO! and a look that’d stop a bushfire.

      I’m generally unflappable, but it took me an hour to get over it, and I doubt the relationship will ever be the same.

      I think the term is: Between a rock and a hard place.


      • Yeah, I can quite sympathize Dabbles. There have been a couple of occasions when I’ve seen a little kid crying in the street near my home. I simply didnt dare to go anywhere near them. I even feel scared to look at them.

        I guess that I can feel very grateful that in my own childhood and that of my own kids, teachers (or anyone else) were quite prepared to pick a kid up and comfort them. Dont know just what the answer is.


      • “But I’m not clear about the swimming-instructor’s motivation.”

        I’m even less clear. For a start was swimming a couple of lengths of the pool part of his normal routine or was he just demonstrating something for his class as part of the lesson.

        There’s nothing but imagination to suggest that the correlation between the smile and the swim equals causation between the smile and the swim.


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