Buddhist Mob Slays Dozens of Muslims

(AP) — A Buddhist mob rampaged through a town in an isolated corner of Myanmar, hacking Muslim women and children with knives, a villager and a rights group reported Thursday, saying there could be more than a dozen deaths.

A government official said the situation was tense, but denied any deaths.

Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist nation of 60 million people, has been grappling with sectarian violence for nearly two years. More than 240 people have been killed and another 140,000, mostly Muslims, forced to flee their homes.

Chris Lewa of the Arakan Project, an advocacy group that has been documenting abuses against members of the Rohinyga Muslim minority for more than a decade, said the violence occurred Tuesday in northern Rakhine state, said her sources reported that Rohingya women and children had been hacked to death, but the numbers varied widely. Some put the toll as low as 10, others in the dozens.


13 thoughts on “Buddhist Mob Slays Dozens of Muslims

  1. Eventually, wherever Muslims are, they start pushing for special consideration, for others to kowtow to Muslim blasphemy laws, for meat to be Halal, for the right not to serve alcohol or pork to non-believers, to refuse to take a taxi customer who is carrying alcohol, “for limited” sharia law, for other workers to continue to work while Muslims take their prayer breaks 5 times a day and so on. In effect, they push for the society to adopt Islamic values.

    When people realize what’s happening with the increase in Muslim numbers and start objecting and resisting, that’s when the violence starts. That’s when all the “moderate” Muslims start standing up behind all the radicals (i.e. those who follow the Koran).

    Then we’ll all have the problems that every other country in the world is having with Islam.

    But can it really be thought “racist” to criticize a belief system which mandates the merciless subjugating of all outsiders to its laws? If it is, then that is madness.

    Islam has dumbed down every society it has taken over, Creative thought and fun is discouraged and there is no work ethic. Just look around the world.


      • Hardly news:- “Islam has dumbed down every society it has taken over, Creative thought and fun is discouraged and there is no work ethic. Just look around the world.”

        On the other hand judeo-christianity could successfully sue islam for copyright infringement. 😉


    • Brainwashing (especially of the coercive kind) can be a powerful thing, Rol.
      But I have great faith in that even more powerful mainstay of human nature we call ‘self-interest’ (greed/competitiveness/acquisitoriness/etc.) which has been around much longer than god and also much more pervasively.

      Gods come and gods go; horse-trading is forever.
      ,,,,,and even gods fall victim to it. 😉


  2. Re Islam and fun:-

    “Moderate” Islam is like “moderate” Nazism. They all follow the same rule-book but the most devout and fanatical followers coerce, threaten, bully and cow the rest into submission. And they only have to quote the “how-to-behave” book to drive it home. No Muslim will dare stand up against that and face the prospect of death for apostasy.

    One of the main problems with Islam (which means SUBMISSION) is that this aspect is carried into all interpersonal relationships, especially with marriage and Govt vs people, but even in business and between individual men. But it is most pronounced in the Sharia Law as it applies to “infidels”. i.e. everyone else.

    Infidels must be made to submit and feel subjugated as third-class citizens. And the methods are clearly outlined. That’s what Sharia clearly states as its plan for your future.


      • Dom, I never threaten people, nor do I do the things listed above. Yes, I am aware of the kinder passages written earlier when Mohammed was a preacher and only gaining about 10 converts a year. I am also aware that after his original expulsion form Mecca, his revelations became more aggressive and uncompromising and his behaviour more cruel and vengeful. These later revelations officially cancel out the earlier ones. This was found to be useful as jihad came into the picture and converts were soon being gained at a rate of 10000 a year and rapidly rising. When Mohammed later returned empowered to Mecca he removed all those who disagreed with him.
        Well, being told you could keep the bounty and any attractive females from your pillaging raids and massacres (provided you gave 20% to the Prophet) would have a certain allure for some types(.Especially if you ran the risk of being killed should you object.)
        It is not bitter and twisted for someone to simply state what you could easily verify yourself. Where you do find bitter and twisted is in some holy books.
        Maybe you need to read some of them. Maybe you don’t follow all of the Koran and the Hadiths. If so, you should come right out and say so. However, if you do, what is the quarrel with someone else simply reinforcing it?
        Don’t get me wrong. The Old Testament has some pretty twisted stuff in it too. But Christians generally don’t quite know what to do with that or how to reconcile it with an apparently loving God, so they mostly just ignore it and pretend it didn’t actually happen. Makes a change from pretending it did, but I guess that’s an improvement of sorts.
        The Abrahamic religions as a group, because of having conflicting values and codes of conduct and territorial claims, are an ever-escalating threat to world peace.
        And the most frustrating part is that it it is all in the mind.Take away people’s wishful and magical thinking and beliefs without evidence and there is not much religion left.
        But humans are mostly so imaginative and insecure and easily led. Feed them an unlikely story with a benefit and they’ll probably believe it. Feed them an impossible story about a beautiful, rewarding life after death and you’ll have a religion.
        Sure, they will never know they were wrong, but what a waste of a life! And it’s even worse than just being a waste if their beliefs have led to the deaths and suffering of others. And the Abrahamic religions have all done that.
        So have most of the rest.


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