Time to hit the oasis

IT’S been hot, hot hot on this side of the world. But the cool change is about to come.
Sometimes we all need a break from the madness. This is one of those times.
And let this music restore you


6 thoughts on “Time to hit the oasis

  1. Great song and you can never tire of watching dolphins.

    I recently hit on this song. It’s a new take on an old song called Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra. The female singer is one of my favourites – Lana Del Rey and the guy reminds me in sound and style of Johnny Cash. Love the way they filmed it too, they captured that era so well.


  2. Patto, a beautiful thought from you; a breathtaking performance from the various species of dolphin – especially the breaching, porpoising, spinners, lobtailing and twisters.(Tailwalkers are kinda the same as the lobtailers). Then there’s the incomprehensible power of the whales fin slaps and breaching. Any such glorious feats of nature can at least distract us, even if only momentarily, from the oven-like temps we’ve been enduring. And there was some extraordinary photography there that I’ve never seen before. Thank you mate for bringing a dose of lightness — in sight and sound: wonderful stuff. – Mark L


  3. There used to be a pod of dolphins resident in Lake King, and the temptation to hop in with them was irresistible.
    Anyone who thinks all species aren’t related, and can ‘commune’, ought to try it.


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