Nigeria arrests dozens as anti-gay law comes into force

NIGERIAN President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill this week that criminalizes same-sex marriage, same-sex romantic relationships and membership in gay rights groups, and punishes violations with up to 14 years in prison.

Protests by the U.S. and other nations may not move Jonathan since 1. anti-gay actions tend to boost politicians in much of Sub-Saharan Africa and 2. Nigeria is awash in oil money and isn’t scared of threats to cut aid.

CBS reports that Dozens of gay men are reported to have been arrested across northern Nigeria as police begin to enforce punitive new laws Some of the gay men were allegedly tortured to give up names of other gay men.

The legislation, condemned by the US secretary of state, John Kerry, and human rights groups in Europe, has come into force shortly after the Ugandan parliament passed an Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Dorothy Aken’Ova, executive director of the country’s International Centre for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights, said that the legislation, hailed the “Jail the Gays” law, had led to mass arrests. Police in Bauchi state, she claimed, had a list of 168 purportedly gay men, of whom 38 had been arrested.

The laws, she cautioned, will endanger medical programmes combating HIV-Aids in the gay community. Nigeria has the second-largest HIV epidemic globally with an estimated 3.4 million people living with HIV.


8 thoughts on “Nigeria arrests dozens as anti-gay law comes into force

  1. Hmmmm……Nigeria has the second-largest HIV epidemic globally with an estimated 3.4 million people living with HIV.
    One doubts they’ll ever catch up with the US, no matter how hard they try. 🙂


      • “reported” Infections.
        But who’s counting?

        I seem to recall the first diagnosed cases were in the US.
        And I also vaguely recall some demands ~ mostly by religious factions ~ that those infected should locked up, away from ‘decent people’ or somesuch
        Feel free to correct me; the memory’s not what it used to be.


  2. Even god changes his practices and attitudes more than bloody coppers do.
    (“… police begin to enforce punitive new laws Some of the gay men were allegedly tortured to give up names of other gay men.”)

    In every corner of history and geography, from Brisbane bikie-bashers through the guardians of Gitmo and the shooting-range ghettos created by the israelis, via the death-camps of europe, etc. etc, etc,….all the way back to the legionnaires who crucified that other declared outlaw,
    …and probably beyond, the cry of ‘We wuz only doing our job’ echoes down the annals of Time.

    Why would anyone expect the Nigerian law-enforcers to break a long-established tradition,
    ….. particularly since the tax-payer-in-the-street obviously approves and continues to support the system with their taxes…and silence?


  3. To An Anarchist: Yes, you are right. The first HIV diagnoses were in the US, due to their more advanced research facilities.

    Unfortunately, the infection had been brought into the US by a homosexual man and spread among that relatively closed subculture. I say unfortunately because at that stage nobody knew that HIV had been spreading throughout Africa for decades, mainly by heterosexual transmission.
    So it was called “the gay disease” and right on cue the religious maniacs who infest the US decided it was “God’s punishment”. As a result of that terrible stigma there was no push to discover a cure because they all “deserved it” and it wasn’t going to affect “us”. Meanwhile it was spreading like wildfire throughout the world, causing millions of deaths before eventually money was belatedly provided for research towards treatments and a cure.

    Those early millions of deaths are on the conscience of the Church, or damn well should be. However, not to be deterred, the Catholic Church still loudly condemned the use of condoms in Africa, claiming they were not an effective preventative measure. This was a monstrous crime against humanity, to deny it one of the few safety nets against the disease, thereby directly contributing towards millions more deaths..And to do this in the name of an imaginary God is even more unforgivable.

    Gods were born out of ignorance, and their modern-day supporters do all they can to foster more ignorance, as if it is some sort of badge of honour to just believe any old rubbish you are told. We now know exactly what causes virtually everything that the original gods were invented to explain, yet we still have people holding on like grim death to the very few things that we are still not absolutely certain about, as if they somehow prove there must be a God.

    When you realize that even at the beginning of the nineteenth century 90% of Europeans were illiterate, and if you can even begin to understand the depth of ignorance that must have pervaded the population even at that stage, then how much more ignorant and superstitious must have been the populace of the Middle Eastern desert tribes of over two thousand years ago. Yet somehow the exaggerated musings and ravings of a select few, apparently given to putting great store in dreams and hallucinations, are revered as wisdom? Hope and wish and it will come true?



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