Buddhist monks turn violent again

HARDLINE Buddhists, including monks, have again resorted to violence against other faiths in the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka.

Last weekend, a mob led by outraged monks attacked and vandalised two Chrstian prayer groups and terrified church goers in the resort city of Hikkaduwa.

The monks snd the mob pushed past police and smashed Christians signs and windows, destroyed Bibles, books and paperwork, and ransacked the prayer buildings.

A church near Colombo was also reportedly attacked.

This is nothing new for Buddhist Sri Lanka. Monks have often incited their followers to attack Christians and churches

The hardliner Buddhists are also rallying Sri Lankans against what they say is a pernicious threat: Muslims.

In just over a year, the saffron-swathed monks of Bodu Bala Sena – or Buddhist Power Force – have amassed a huge following, drawing thousands of fist-pumping followers who rail against the country’s Muslim minority.

Buddhists have attacked dozens of mosques and called for boycotts on Muslim-owned businesses and bans on headscarves and halal foods. At boisterous rallies, monks claim Muslims are out to recruit children, marry Buddhist women and divide the country.


One thought on “Buddhist monks turn violent again

  1. ANYBODY who still doubts homo-sapiens descended from killer apes need look no further than some of the faces above (particularly the one second from the left!) to be disabused of such fantasy. 😉


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