God in the shower

BRITISH writer and former atheist Janet Soskice found God in the shower.

She wrote: “I was in the shower, on an ordinary day, and found myself to be surrounded by a presence of love, a love so real and so personal that I could not doubt it. I had not, as far as I know, been looking for God or thinking of God, or enjoyed a particularly good or an especially bad day.

“I could not doubt the reality of that loving presence, and still cannot. I now know that one-off ‘religious experiences’ of this sort are rather frowned upon by the best theologians as susceptible to mood and delusion, and if I have my life to live over I will try to have
a higher class of conversion experience – but this is what happened to me. I was turned around. Converted.”

She said her new-found faith gave answers to old questions but also new questions, “in a new world where even the most educated come as babes, born again.”

God does not ask us to ignore questions or disregard our doubts.

Real faith is learning to live in ambiguity with paradox and with questions for which there may be no answers in this temporal world.

Whatever happens in our lives – good or bad or just ordinary – can be the occasion for connecting deeply with the divine.


12 thoughts on “God in the shower

  1. It says that only god knows our hearts. And so it calls us as we ready and willing. And yes, it can happen in the most impossible places.
    The inner awakening does change one completely. A true born again experience. Born spiritually as compared to be mental or purely physical being. The soul wakes and so we experience this Jesus the bible speaks about. The true Jesus as opposed the one most churches preach. One that is part of one being, the all and the I am. Hard to explain to someone who has not yet experience that. It is not just a intellectual concepts, but a real god experience. Rarely found in church.


    • You’re right. My spiritual “awakenening” – the first understanding of God’s love – happened to me while sitting on a fence with a couple of Christians.

      Anne Lamott, one of my favourite writers, talks about the “experience”. She grew up in Northern California with atheist parents. As a young teenager, she started drinking and using drugs. She writes openly about her long struggles with addiction, sexual promiscuity, bulimia, and self-loathing. When she hit 30, things came to a crisis point, and in the throes of a hangover, just after having an abortion, Lamott says she felt the tangible presence of Jesus.

      She writes: “So I was a drunk new Christian, and I saw Jesus as sort of my friend and companion whose presence I could feel all the time, much to my own horror in the beginning. I didn’t want that to be the truth. I didn’t want to be a Christian. I was raised to think Christians are idiots.”


      • My greatest wish is to share my heart with others Bryan, but that is impossible. We all must find our way to the living soul within. When we ready we will. I see so much promise on this forum, so many real seekers under the wail of Atheism. AI also see dogmas here, dogmas repel instead invite. Fundamental believes; the black and white statements do little to show love of Christ. I commend you for creating this forum, for it serves its purpose well.
        To demonstrate how I was introduced to bible, we used many years ago when I was a little boy as toilet paper. The next time I took it in my hands was when I was 26 and started question my purpose of living. When I finally awakened from deep sleep at 40 years of age, it came with a bang. As Paul described it I believe Romans, a light so blinding came upon me and with it all knowledge and understanding. I faced fierce denial from the local churches, was branded a heretic and expelled from church. Nothing of that has ever weakened my knowing. I never needed to defend my knowing either, I knew what has happened to me and never doubted. I have been attacked by a fundamental Christian that the cancer I am having is prove I am wrong, and yet I say again and again, the cancer I have created in my body was and is the greatest blessing. I am remembering more and more about who I am. The darkest hours in our lives are the greatest moments showing who we are in adversity. If life proceeds easy how much do we prove to ourselves? It is not hard to love if everything sails smoothly.
        Born under Hitler’s occupation, later brainwashed by communist system, I never took words of others for truth, unless I could justify it in my heart. Always fearfully independent until I met god within myself. It was then I surrender completely to this being I realised I am, contrary to the previous believe that I am the mind and body. Now death of the body does not create fear in me anymore. Even if I have to vacate the body too ill to recover, I know I am immortal and eternal being. We all are, all we need to do is to remember. All of us are the prodigal sons, needing to eat with the swine so we know after the value of where we came from. The parable describe us so wonderfully.
        What I write about is perhaps bit difficult to swallow for some; I am not asking to believe me. Just consider that I could be telling the truth. Don’t dismiss an old fool, for old fools sometimes share great treasures.


      • “My spiritual “awakenening” – the first understanding of God’s love – happened to me while sitting on a fence with a couple of Christians.”

        You got the point, eh? 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Essential Thinking and commented:
    This post reminded me of an experience just after Emily (our oldest) was born- I’d been so tired that things were operating on a purely functional level- food was fuel, a walk was just to get the baby to sleep etc, and then having a real moment of clarity about how much I loved this baby, and how my love was a microscopic version of God’s love for the world- and where did I have this moment of lucid genius? In the shower, of course.


  3. Even if all that were true:-

    “Real faith is learning to live in ambiguity with paradox and with questions for which there may be no answers in this temporal world.

    Whatever happens in our lives – good or bad or just ordinary…..”

    Who, with any sense of compassion or self-respect would WANT to ‘connect’ “deeply with the divine.”, given its track-record or murderous cruelty, irrational dicta and vindictive dummy-spitting?

    You’re talking about the ‘thing’ that creates and/or permits paedophiles and endless assorted bastardries across the board.
    eg. http://www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au/story/2019077/bound-broken-and-left-to-die/?cs=1210

    And, for all the waffling, rationalisations and other copouts, the buck stops THERE –> (‘god’)

    …..still, as long as a few self-centred individuals are able to achieve a “loving presence” in the shower (misdirected jets?) all’s well in the world.


  4. That’s sweet. People often talk about telling people about Jesus, but I’m coming to believe that people need the revelation of the love of God themselves to be truly transformed.


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