Who really wants to know the future?

If we could somehow look to the end of our lives, would we live them any differently?

WOULD we still open our hearts to others if we knew that our hearts may be broken? Or venture on detours that may bring suffering, lost love, jealousies and mistakes as well as joy?

Would we even bother to leave our beds if we could see the future? Probably not.

All we can know, as the Hindu Bhagvadgita points out, is that life is a cycle of infancy, growth, maturity, old age and death. How and when this happens is not within the scope of human knowledge.

Our only real power is in how we react to the cycles of life. There is always a choice.

We can choose to love but we should know that loving is often unsafe and messy. Real love lies somewhere beyond romance and naivety.

French philosopher Jacques Maritain, who cared for his beloved dying wife Raissa after she suffered a debilitating stroke, wrote: “Only two kinds of people think that love is easy—saints, who through long years of self-sacrifice have made a habit of virtue, and naïve persons who don’t know what they’re talking about.”

It’s in learning to love honestly that we learn to live fully. It takes the courage to walk into the unknown. And the faith to know we don’t do so alone.


5 thoughts on “Who really wants to know the future?

  1. From a Christian perspective two things would happen if we knew the future. Either we get so despondent we would give up knowing that everything was in vain for us personally. Or we would not bother to prepare our lives to live in the presence of God (thinking that we have already attained heaven). In that case our future would also change and we would be lost. So no matter how you look at it, knowing the future is useless if it does not help you love God with all your heart, soul mind strength etc.


  2. The future is not set in stone, and predictions can never show more than liklihoods. We change those all the time by our actions. The will of God I believe, is for us to have whatever experiences inlife that will develop our spirituality, and how we face each experience changes what is ahead of us. Let’s face life with optimism.


  3. The problem with staying in bed is that sooner or later the roof will fall in on you.
    Feet are for dancing with.
    ….but I wish I could get a glimpse of the future today.
    Issues arising. ….and a premonition engendered by lack of choice. (Sorry!)


  4. i think if we knew the future we would do everyhting in our power to make sure that happened. There be no fun in it anymore and the mystery of life would not be in existent.


  5. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before (and it’s one of those stories that not everyone is going to believe) – but one of my sisters used to have this talent for seeing snippets of the future i.e. she was at home with a friend waiting for the boys to come home (I think it was with a pizza) and she said to her friend. “They are going to walk in, say this, this and this and they will have no pizza with them”. Then the whole scenario happened just as she said it would 1 minute before.

    Another time she was at the beach with a girlfriend and her young daughter who were both in the water, jumping the waves. My sister said that she saw up in the corner a square screen as though she was watching a little movie, and in it was an unusually big wave that toppled her friend plus daughter over. So the next second my sister calls out to them to watch over for the big wave but it was too late. 360’s and sand in the undies.


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