Imagine if life was like this

FRENCH writer Laurence Cosse’s theological thriller, A Corner of the Veil, tells of a priest who stumbles across irrefutable proof of God’s existence.
God is no longer mysterious, and evil is no longer a mystery. God is neither heartbreaking nor heartbroken. God is real.
Cosse, a former president of the European Community Commission, looks at the likely impact of such a revelation.

Hours before the news is to be released, there are concerns chaos will result.

The Economics Minister worries the news will be a heart attack to the economy – people will not bother to go to work or school.

The Minister of Justice foresees anarchy. The Minister of the Interior predicts religious warfare. And a strategist for the Prime Minister believes that within a year, the world will become “one huge monastery”.

Some Catholic leaders predict they will lose many of their flock to the Protestants because “in direct contact with the Father, they would use no intermediary”.

Some religious leaders think they have “won” a spiritual war. Others tell themselves they will soon roast in hell.

Intellectual theologians cry like babies and the interesting theological debates cease. This is a world suddenly without much fun.

The novel’s overiding moral is that without mystery, there is no faith. And without faith there is not much point to life. No learning to live happily with the unknown future.

Thank God the real world is still mysterious. And still a challenge.


9 thoughts on “Imagine if life was like this

    • A fascinating concept for a story, but Bryan, your account of it is most unsatisfying, since so much is left unsaid., I would need to know just how much information about ‘God’ has been revealed to that priest. But this is always the problem when Christians speak purely about ‘God’ without specifying just which god is being discussed.

      Which God has been proven to exist? Couldnt you have quoted that the Christian God’s existence was the one that is discovered. Or is it a great amorphous god who doesnt belong to any particular religion or church? Or is it the God of the Islamics, or who?

      Then which of the thousands of doctrines or teachings about God held by the thousands of Christian or other sects, also turn out to be true or false? It strikes me that unless these are isolated and their validity demonstrated, then the theologians of the world would be even harder at work with their debates and analyses.

      Actually the thing that strikes me is that a brand new Inquisition might arise too, enforced by the fanatical ones who believe they have a mandate to enforce the rules connected with that god’s desires. Because let’s face it, fanatics would continue to be existing.

      One might expect that those of the world who discover that it is their particular deity whose existence has been proven will go to work the same as usual.

      Sounds fascinating, but please tell us some more.


      • Further thoughts on the book. Let’s not forget that there are many many folks who would turn out (for all sorts of reasons)to be unable to follow the logic of the proof. There would be loads too who would refuse to accept it, presumably maintaining that the evidence given is untrue. There may well be some then who had their own eccentric personal proofs and intimate contacts with the deity they believe in, and who would reject it all.

        Very interesting. Rian.


      • You obviously didn’t realise this is a fiction, not reality. You just prove the questions rose in the book by your reaction.


      • Oh come on Fossall,
        Of course I know it is fiction, and that it is intended as a satire as well. But I’ve just been following the logic of the account Bryan gave us, and seeing just how consistent and believeable the tale appears to be.



  1. There’s no ‘mystery’ about the ‘real world’.
    I was graphically and explicitly reminded early this morning that what has taken nature five billion years to create (our ‘real world’) is being eaten alive by the terminal cancer commonly known as ‘mankind’, the most virulent, malignant and inexorable destroyer of worlds imaginable.

    God’s assorted plagues ~ and birth-control methods like wars and starvation ~ pale into laughable insignificance by comparison.


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