Pope Has A Message For All The World’s Enemies

POPE Francis, laying out his hopesfor the just-begun year, urged people to work for a world where everyone accepts each other’s differences and where enemies recognize that they are brothers.

“We are all children of one heavenly father, we belong to the same human family and we share a common destiny,” Francis said, speaking from his studio window overlooking St. Peter’s Square, jammed with tens of thousands of faithful, tourists and Romans.

“This brings a responsibility for each to work so that the world becomes a community of brothers who respect each other, accept each other in one’s diversity, and takes care of one another,” the pope said.

Setting aside his prepared text for a moment, he expressed impatience with violence in the world. “What is happening in the heart of man? What is happening in the heart of humanity?” Francis asked. “It’s time to stop.”

He told the crowd this reflection was inspired by letter he received from a man — “maybe one of you” — who lamented that there are “so many tragedies and wars in the world.”

“I, too, believe that it will be good for us to stop ourselves in this path of violence and search for peace,” Francis said.

In his remarks to the often-applauding crowd, he also expressed hope that “the gospel of brotherhood speak to every conscience and knock down the walls that impede enemies from recognizing that they are brothers.”


3 thoughts on “Pope Has A Message For All The World’s Enemies

  1. I am eager (but ever so cautious) to believe that this God loving man can move mountains for this world. I pray it will be so.


  2. No person in this world will move mountain for others. We all have to do this. Put aside the differences in our believes we hold about our god, label we have created. Step up in understanding what life is all about and let of the rigid rituals and stubborn believes that I am right and you are wrong. What is everyone is right in their own way and denying this to them creates the frictions we call conflict, sometimes war. The pope is spot on by saying we are ALL children of the same god, regardless of the label we put on it. So where is the problem to coexist and cohabit on this planet?
    We also need to urgently address our abuse to the planet, since this is our home for now and the home of our children. If we destroy this home we will find ourselves in great difficulties finding new home and adapt to it. It took us a very long time to evolve our bodies to the planet conditions and changing our world will take again a very long time to adapt. Just because we say we are spirit beings does it not make any easier to adapt to new conditions once we become physical being.
    Lastly, be eager and leave all caution aside. Caution is sign of fear.


  3. The problem is that many of these divisions come out of the fact that people hold diametrically opposite viewpoints to their opponents. So the question is whether there is an absolute moral standard that both enemies should abide by. If there isn’t, then the pope is smoking something! If there is such a thing as an absolute moral standard we need to know whose standard that is? Is it the Pope’s? Richard Dawkin’s? The Ayatollah’s? Whose? Answer this question and you would have resolved half your problem.


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