New Zealand bans devilish baby names

NEW Zealand officials have released a list of baby names put forward by parents that were rejected because they were too bizarre or offensive, including “Lucifer” and “Mafia No Fear”.

Other names on the list included “4Real”, “V8”, and “Queen Victoria”

The list of 77 names reveals one child was set to be called “Anal” before the Department of Internal Affairs vetoed the proposal, while another narrowly avoided being dubbed “.” or full stop.

In some cases, parents appeared to have lost any inspiration for coming up with a moniker for their offspring, wanting to call the latest addition to the family simply “2nd”, “3rd” or “5th”.

The department’s rules forbid any name that might imply a child holds an official title or rank, so “King”, “Duke” and “Princess” were among those that had been turned down most since 2001.

“Justice” was the most popular, having been rejected 62 times, although “Justus” and “Juztice” also failed to gain official approval.

In 2008, New Zealand’s family court ordered that a nine-year-old girl whose parents had called her “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii” should have her name changed because it was embarrassing and “makes a fool of the child”.

At the time, judge Rob Murfitt criticised parents who gave their children bizarre names, citing examples such as “Number 16 Bus Shelter”, “Midnight Chardonnay” and twins called “Benson” and “Hedges


10 thoughts on “New Zealand bans devilish baby names

    • Yeah….Like ‘Jesus’.
      And I personally LIKE (the angelic) ‘Lucifer’ (or ‘Matchless’?)
      Anyway, most kids end up being called some variation of ”Oy!U!”

      Another sign of the PC/police State, which has NO business interfering.

      ….and if enough kids have strange names then ‘strange’ will become ‘normal’ in due course.
      (moreover, in this age of surveillance, monitoring, data-banks and control from every quarter it’d be the wise parent who teaches his kid early NEVER to give the same name (address/etc) twice. 😉


      • Dabbles, there are many thousands of men and boys in South American countries who are proud their parents named them “Jesus” – or they’re simply happy to have the name becos it’s popular in those areas of the world. Think before you manifest your sarcasm!


    • Many years back, I read a story that was supposed to be true. Happened in the back woods of Bible Belt America. A family bore a number of generations of Preacher Men. And their Surname was Barebones.

      A new baby boy was christened – wait for it…..

      If Christ had not Died for You, thou Wouldst be Damned.

      The boy in turn became a local Pastor and he was known then in a shortened form as the Revd Damned Barebones. Sorry but I cant substantiate the story, but that is what I read. Dont blame me.



  1. So, if one can’t call his kid ‘Anal’, what about ‘Alan’?
    …. either way he could grow up to be an rrrsoul anyway. (or even go into politics or the public service.) 🙂


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