Australia slips in happiness stakes

Are you female or over 50, or do you live in South Australia or the Northern Territory? Or perhaps you earn $100,000-plus a year? Or live in a regional city rather the big smoke? If your answer to any of these is yes, you have good cause to feel smug, as your happiness quota is much bigger than anyone else’s.

That’s the good news in NAB’s Australian Wellbeing Index. The bad news is that as a nation, we are less happy than three months ago – this quarter’s index stands at 63.5 points compared to 64.4 to end-September. That’s an indication of “not happy Jan” answers to survey questions around whether respondents felt they had a satisfied life, a worthwhile life, whether they were happy the previous day and not anxious the previous day.

South Australia and the Northern Territory (lumped into one geographical entity by the index) now have the highest wellbeing, taking over Tasmania’s lead thanks to much higher anxiety levels in the island state. Overall wellbeing, however, dropped in all states except WA and NSW/ACT.

So what’s making us less happy? More worries about financial security, standard of living, physical health and mental wellbeing.

By contrast, personal relationships and people’s homes were the biggest drivers of happiness. Wellbeing was highest for those living in SA/NT or in regional cities; earning more than $100,000 a year; all females; men aged over 50; widowed; retired; living in a household with two people; or without children

AND are we less charitable these days?

A new nationwide survey says Australians are giving less to charity, with the average annual donation amount dropping from $317 to $283 – a trend not seen in other research in 2013.

And donating online (26 per cent) still comes in second to ‘buying a small item as part of a theme week’ (42 per cent) as the preferred method of giving.

The survey of 800 Australians, conducted by Empirica Research in conjunction with disability Not for Profit the Summer Foundation, also revealed the number of people saying they never give money to charity had increased from 4 per cent to 7 per cent.
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15 thoughts on “Australia slips in happiness stakes

      • Franco Zeffirelli. I thought it was a bit erratic early on; built nicely though, and the meeting with the pope w as really well done.

        I intended to record it, but have a dud aerial connection ~ which I’ve been going to fix for a week! ~ let me down. It’s been windy as.


  1. This year has been quite heavy and just recently as the year is ending, its as if my mind and heart has been reviewing it and I’ve been quite emotional, angry, sad, tired, and overwhelmed. All in all though I’m thankful that I still have my family for however much longer.

    Today I helped my sister pack things up that she wants to clear out. She wants to start anew in a new country. I just kept looking around and all the memories of good times flashed by. I realise it’s part of life but I can’t help but feel sad about it and unsure of the changes to come.


  2. Bryan have you heard about this site?

    I was reading about what’s new for 2014 and knowing what you are buying, who made it and where it came from is apparently high on the priority list. This website is dedicated to that. Shopping with a conscience.


      • The problem with revolutions, Jimbo, is that whoever wins the shitfight fight wants to be the boss – and then……

        ” We buried ours, and the turks buried buried theirs’
        And we started all over again.”

        But y’can’t build an army or a revolution with anarchists.
        …and more than you can herd cats.


  3. Malcolm Fraser wants to know just how much the Australian public are willing to tolerate before they rebel…. Malcolm Turnbull has called Abbott’s climate policy “Bullshit” … John Pilger has just released “Utopia” which exposes Australia’s racism, and makes “The Rabbit Proof Fence” seem like play school, the government has cut essential services to the bone in such a vindictive cruel manner, as if any semblance of Christianity no longer exists.

    Starting a new life in another country sounds bliss at present.

    We can’t even call ourselves “happy little vegamites” anymore … America bought it.

    Now we’ve lost Holden.

    As for the truth … well…. it’s so bad, and we only have ourselves to blame, that the truth now lies firmly in the hands of …

    Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, and Manning.

    These people are the beginning of the revolution.

    Poor people love them, rich people hate them.

    Bring it on …..


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