What you buy matters


THE Boxing Day sales frenzy has begun, but how can you be sure all those deals are just as good for the people who make the products? What you choose to buy matters. Get World Vision’s top tips for shopping with a clearer conscience.



3 thoughts on “What you buy matters

  1. Yes. The more often this gets repeated, the more it will sink in and hopefully we will put more effort into looking into what we spend our money on. It would be interesting to have a list that people could refer to (making sure not to wrongly accuse anyone of course).


  2. Idealism, as always, serves no practical purposes.
    It’s unrealistic to restrict the accumulation of ‘wealth’ in all sorts of ways (largely by way of taxes, international ‘agreements/’norms’, etc.) and then expect people to pay more for a product than they need to.

    The only way to dramatically reduce the demand for sweat-shop and environment-destroying products/services is to remove the markets for them:- revert to a state of national isolation/independence, rather like what the Menzies government instituted. Fixed prices and wages, currency-values determined by national financial/economic experts and always aimed at the improvement of the domestic and national situation. And that included import-tariffs that gave the sweat-shop owners and planet-rapers no advantage at all over local producers.

    It was a country, then, where unemployment at worst was a third of today’s ‘best’ levels, taxation was low and inflation was almost unheard of. There’s something fundamentally wrong when FIVE quid ($10) then could buy you as much as about $7HUNDRED can today. (eg in terms of raising a family).

    And another thing that could’ve got you lynched was suggesting the ‘selling -off of the farm’.
    Don’t any of you people feel afraid (or at least embarrassed) that some company executive in asia or elsewhere could, entirely for his own reasons or no reason at all, just turn off your power, petrol-supplies, food and clothing supplies or just about anything else? If not why not? Is it simply the result of the ‘sunk-in’ message that personal and national pride are politically-incorrect and anti-christian?

    It’s nearly impossible to choose to do what’s ‘right’ and ‘good’ if some other entity has control of your choices, whether financially/economically or because of a ‘committment’ to global bodies whose sole purpose and function is to manipulate almost every aspect of life ~ and themselves produce NOTHING.

    eg. why should we give a shit WHAT the IMF says, or the IOC, or countless others.
    And if Australians are concerned about child-exploitation, sweatshops and environmental destruction why do they kowtow to the UN (and it’s tentacled ‘bodies’) all of which couldn’t care less, otherwise they’d have done something about it long ago?

    …..and don’t get me started on a moral/political revamping of a (colourblind) kind of ‘White Australia Policy. ie. People who have no intention nor desire to be ‘Australian’ should have no rights of residency, ownership ~ particularly real-estate ownership ~ or political/financial influence.

    Sixty-five years ago migrants couldn’t wait to become ‘Australians’, work at production of value for their own and the national benefit, and create practical monuments like the Snowy Hydro Scheme.
    ……and Australia was, indeed, The Lucky Country: full of promise and opportunity.

    Now look!


    • People don’t care where the stuff they buy comes from. They won’t even change their behaviour for people they care about. Princess Di was killed by paparazzi. People had a cry then still went on buying gossip magazine.


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