Two years after dying, a woman sends her family an amazing Christmas gift


“HELLO my name is Brenda Schmitz and when you are in receipt of this letter I will already have lost my battle to ovarian cancer.”

With these words Brenda, who had died of cancer two years, earlier gave her husband and children and one other special woman, one of the most inspirational and beautiful Christmas gifts of all time.

According to the Des Moines Register, Brenda had always been touched by the Christmas Wish program run by local Des Moines radio station KSTZ Star 102.5 each year.

Then about two weeks ago station brand manager Scott Allen received a letter in the mail.

“We’ve been doing the Christmas Wish program for 20-plus years. We’ve never received a wish like this, ever,” he told the Register.

The letter was from Brenda, written two years earlier, a month before she died of ovarian cancer, leaving behind her husband David and four young sons

The letter was posted by an anonymous friend of Brenda. The woman said Brenda had gifted her the letter but told her not to post it until David had fallen in love again.

The station asked David to come into the studio and then read him Brenda’s amazing note.

It read: “I am writing this letter to have sent to you by a dear friend who has instructions to do so when it was the time.

“I told her once my loving husband David had moved on in his life and had found someone to share his life with again to mail this letter to all of you at the station.

“As I was thinking about my last months on earth I told David my wishes after I was gone that I believe he followed through with the attitude and courage I know he possesses.

“What a great husband and father he is. I know all of this is extremely hard on him. He is the one making the best decisions for my family and ultimately finding a caring, compassionate loving woman in time to help raise the boys. She must be quite a lady (I wish I could have met her) to take on the task of raising a large extended family with unwavering love and devotion and a huge heart.”

Watch the video below as the full letter is read on air.


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